DubPoints XIII kicks off at midnight Thursday

Click on the image above to see an all-inclusive look at this year's bracket!
Click on the image above to see an all-inclusive look at this year’s bracket!

It’s been long overdue since a true DubPoints tournament kicked off, and the waiting will finally come to an end when DubPoints XIII begins at midnight EST on Thursday, April 13.

The 64-person, single-elimination tournament will serve two purposes: to crown a new DubPoints World Champion (which will then be unified in a one-on-one match against incumbent champion Joe Klier next month), and to determine who else is eligible for various title shots and opportunities for the remainder of the year.

The premise of the contest is simple. Impress Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar in whatever appropriate methods you determine. Ultimately, it is he who awards the points, and it is he who determines champions and top contenders to the belts.

The tournament will span six two-day rounds over the course of three weeks:

  • Round of 64: April 13-14
  • Round of 32: April 15-16
  • Round of 16: April 20-21
  • Quarterfinals: April 22-23
  • Semifinals: April 27-28
  • Championship: April 29-30

Changes to scoring for the first-time in several years

Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar has not only greatly shortened the length of the tournament, but also modified many of its pillars of scoring for a more-balanced contest. As before, there will be five scoring categories, but they are a little different than the last few go arounds:

  • Effort/Value (50 points per day max; 100 points per round max) — Effort and value have been combined into one category this year. This will serve as a calculation of total time spent on DubPoints-related activities over the course of a day, from both a chronological and fiscal standpoint. You know what they say: time is money. In order to de-emphasize contestant’s willingness to try and bribe the Commissioner, Mr. Edgar has combined these categories under one roof to mitigate their effect. How long did you spend? How much did you spend? And how clear will it be to the commissioner to calculate?
  • Creativity (50 points per day max; 100 points per round max) — Creativity is always subjective, but serves as a measure of how original the commissioner determines your actions are. In a day where everyone is sending photoshops, maybe you make a craft! In a day where everyone is typing random nonsense, maybe you come up with a well-constructed haiku. How well can you make your actions stand out against your peers? That is the main drive behind this category.
  • Engagement (50 points per day max; 100 points per round max) — We live in a world of social media and are constantly connected. But a lot of times we are just shouting nonsense out into the ether with little to no response. How well can you use social media and your personable skills to relate your DubPoints actions to the general public? Are you someone that can rally people behind you? There is no such thing as a “fan vote” in DubPoints, but if you can amass “fan support”, you will certainly do well in this category.
  • Brevity (50 points per day max; 100 points per round max) — There’s no doubt you can amass a lot of points in some categories by repetitively and mindlessly doing the same things over and over and over. Such has been one of the most controversial “points” in recent DubPoints history. But this category is crazy because you actually get less points in it for the more separate actions you take. How well can you take all of your ideas for a daily power play and combine them into one concise action? Feel like your opponent is gaining ground on you and need to do a little more late in the day? Just be wary that you could take a hit in this new category. Planning is key.
  • Luck (100 points per day max; 200 points per round max) — It’s been a well-known secret that Mr. Edgar loves employing the use of random number generators to help him with making tough down-the-line judgement calls. We’re not going to sugar-coat it for you any longer: you will get a random amount of points added on to your daily total that can range anywhere from 0 to 100. That’s potentially a third of your total score. It’s enough to make all the difference in a close contest, but probably not enough to mount a comeback if your opponent is blowing you out of the water. Play to the best of your abilities in the other four categories, and maybe luck will be less of a factor for you.

To the victor, goes the spoils

The winner of DubPoints XIII will be declared DubPoints World Champion and will receive the new World Championship belt. They will also be granted a one-on-one title match with current World Champion Joe Klier in May to unify the belts. (unless, of course, Klier wins the tournament outright — he is the #1 overall seed).

In addition, those who perform well in the tournament will be eligible for title shots over the remainder of the year, for the Ohio Valley Championship (currently held by Allen Lewis), the Internet Championship (currently held by Riley Wedge), and the Tag Team Championship (currently held by Nicholas Griffin & Brad Uhrig).

I wish you all the best of luck, and we kick things off Thursday at midnight!

DubPoints XIII will kick off on April 13th

DPXIIIAfter months of speculation and several delays, John Wyatt Edgar has confirmed that the annual DubPoints tournament will make its first full appearance in two years, when DubPoints XIII kicks off at midnight EST on Thursday, April 13.

The tournament will be a much-swifter affair than in years past, lasting just twelve days over three weeks, and will be broken up into six two-day long rounds. They will take place on Thursday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday over the course of that timespan.

Edgar will select a field of 64 participants from his friends, peers, and colleagues, who will participate through the six rounds to see who can impress him the most in three different categories: creativity, effort, and publicity. This marks a change from the most recent tournaments and sees the elimination of former controversial categories availability and value.

The DubPoints World Championship, currently held by Joe Klier, will be on the line, as will the other three major championships (Ohio Valley, Internet, and Gang Wars) which will be distributed to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers, an event which could serve as a potential annual “reboot” of the championship picture.

Joe Klier will be given the overall #1 seed as World Champion. Ohio Valley Champion Allen Lewis and Internet Champion Riley Wedge will be given #1 seeds as well. The remaining #1 seed will go to either Nicholas Griffin or Brad Uhrig (co-Gang Wars Champions), with the other partner receiving a #2 seed. Former champion and recent GM Charles Wilfong will be reinstated as a player for the contest. Other seeds and matchups will be announced on a “selection show” on Facebook Live in the weeks leading up to the start of the contest.

In addition, Edgar is planning a DubPoints “kick-off show” to stream on Facebook’s Live platform, in the hours leading up to the midnight EST kickoff on Thursday, April 13.

Prior to the start of the tournament, none of the DubPoints championships will be defended, though regular monthly title defenses will resume following the conclusion of the tournament. The intention is to keep the tournament as an annual event to cap off the year and refresh the title picture, while also determining who the upcoming talent is that would be worthy of future title shots, based on their bracket performance.

Good luck, and check back often as we begin announcing matchups and other news related to this historic event.

Internet Championship match to be determined by fan vote on January 31

DubPoints Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar made his first announcement in over a week on Monday, declaring that the much-anticipated bout between Internet Champion Riley Wedge and challenger Brandy Sall would be solely determined by the outcome of a one-day fan vote.

Internet Champion Riley Wedge has been campaigning for an obstacle course run matchup, but Edgar's decision will also suit his strengths well.
Internet Champion Riley Wedge has been campaigning for an obstacle course run matchup, but Edgar’s decision will also suit his strengths well.

The decision was made due to a combination of factors: a stalemate in the negotiation process for an in-person title match, and as part of a new initiative to standardize how championships are contended and fought for.

“The rapid of expansion of DubPoints has provided many people with opportunities but has also led to some confusion,” Edgar said in a statement. “The intention of the Internet Championship was for it to be determined, partially or in whole, by the will of the people. On Tuesday, January 31, we will let the people decide if Mr. Wedge shall continue his reign, or if Ms. Sall will take over the belt.”

Anyone in the general public will be able to vote for either of the two competitors, but can ONLY vote one time. Ballots will ONLY be accepted from midnight-to-midnight  (Eastern time) on Tuesday, January 31, and will ONLY be accepted in the form of a private message to the DubPoints Fan page. Anyone can message the page with their vote: “Riley” or “Brandy.” Any other forms of voting will NOT be counted. Results will be tallied, but specifics will remain anonymous.

It’s an interesting idea, one which makes it easy enough for people to actively participate in the outcome of a DubPoints match, but one that will also put both competitors’ networking skills to the test as they try to convince people on that day to take the simple, yet specific steps necessary to secure their vote.

If the format proves a success, the idea for the championship going forward will be to continue to defend the title in this manner or a similar one. Edgar is also hoping to standardize title defenses for some of the other championships in the coming months.

Full Details on Ohio Valley Championship Match, Jan. 16

Joe Patterson's reign as champion has been dangerous, as he will now have defended against nearly 30 people in the last month alone.
Joe Patterson’s reign as champion has been dangerous, as he will now have defended against nearly 30 people in the last month alone.

The first and only DubPoints Ohio Valley Champion in history, Joe Patterson, will have his work cut out for him on Monday, January 16, when he defends his title against 19 other challengers in the first-ever “Spinning Scramble” matchup.

The bout, which will begin at midnight EST on Monday and run for 24 hours only, will feature numerous elite competitors. There will be two key elements to this matchup: who can be quickest on the draw, and who gets the luck of the draw.

Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar will make posts on the DubPoints Players Facebook group 14 different times during this 24-hour span. The first contestant to respond with a comment will have their name added to one of the 14 wedges on his lucky spinning wheel. Once all 14 wedges are filled, the wheel will be spun during a live video to determine the champion. Edgar’s posts will happen randomly and with no prior announcement — meaning that contestants will have to be constantly aware if they want the best chance to win. And yes, contestants can be the first commenter multiple times, further increasing the amount of wedges they have and their opportunity to win.

The match was chosen as Patterson is known as somewhat of a night-owl and insomniac, as well as a social media guru. He should still have a clear advantage (or as much as one can have against 19 other people) in this matchup. Though there will be speculation of tampering because he and Edgar work together, they both have a scheduled day off on Monday due to the Martin Luther King holiday, meaning that he will be just as in the dark as everyone else is as to Edgar’s weird schedule.

Edgar plans on using the full 24-hour window to make the 14 posts, giving everyone an opportunity to have a slice of the lucky pie, but due to the inherit randomness of this contest, it’s possible that he can go anywhere from minutes to hours between posts. Only the 20 participants below will be eligible, though the posts will be visible to anyone in the group:

  • Joe Patterson (defending champion)
  • Ryan Church
  • Spencer Conner
  • Mike Fedczak
  • Brandon Garcia
  • Rafe Haddox
  • Eric Hersey
  • Ryan Hunker
  • James Jasinski
  • Dustin Kawa
  • Mike Kendjorsky
  • Nick Levi
  • Vince Levi
  • Dewayne Meeker
  • Jess Mentzer
  • Justine Mentzer
  • Rachael Moynihan
  • Kim Roberts
  • Justin Scott
  • Ashleigh Thress

Can Joe Patterson continue his historic, inaugural reign, or will we see the first new champion of 2017 crowned next week?

Michael Clyde wins inaugural Fantasy Sports Championship

Michael Clyde's strategic postseason wildcard run makes him the first champion under the DubPoints Fantasy Sports banner.
Michael Clyde’s strategic postseason wildcard run makes him the first champion under the DubPoints Fantasy Sports banner.

The beginning of the new year marked a coronation of sorts for Michael Clyde, whose victory in the DubPoints Fantasy Football League championship game makes him our first-ever Fantasy Sports champion. He will be receiving a belt, which he will be able to keep for a whole year, to commemorate this historic occasion.

His victory came over #8 seed, Nicholas Griffin, in the finals. Clyde had represented the championship game as the #6 seed in a wacky postseason that saw all four division winners drop in the first round. Clyde had been back-and-forth as the leader of his division for multiple weeks towards the end of the season, while Griffin nearly let a playoff chance slip by after wagering a Week 1 tie in a real-life wing-eating contest against Joe Patterson last month.

The victory is Clyde’s first DubPoints championship of any kind, and considering he had not signed up for any of the other leagues under the DubPoints Fantasy Sports umbrella at press time, he certainly made this entry count. His win also spoiled a potential accomplishment for Griffin, who would have been the first person ever to hold two championships simultaneously (he co-holds the Gang Wars championships with Brad Uhrig).

Clyde’s 9-5 regular season-record was very decent considering the talent in his division and the massive depth of the league (which was at a full capacity of 20 teams). Vince Levi entered the playoffs as the consensus favorite for the title, with an 11-3 record and averaging 85.8 points a game. But Clyde’s well-scouted roster and starting lineups allowed him to handly defeat hopefuls Jeff Fetty (who opened the season with a 7-game unbeaten streak) and Eric Hersey (a perennial threat in any fantasy football league) en route to an obliteration of Griffin in the finals. Having a championship game in Week 17 of the NFL regular season with already-thin rosters made choosing the right players at the right times a key strategy, and Clyde clearly delivered here.

With this inaugural victory, Clyde’s well-rounded and stellar postseason run is the initial gold standard for a Fantasy Sports division still in its infancy. It remains to be seen how his future role in DubPoints grows, or if it does. While he has never been a consistent threat in the brand’s other major competitions, and doesn’t even appear to be interested in anything outside of fantasy football for now, he certainly called his shot here and delivered. At the very least, expect him to be back in the league next season to defend his honor.

Clyde will be awarded with the Fantasy Football title belt for the rest of the year.
Clyde will be awarded with the Fantasy Football title belt for the rest of the year.

Regardless of the future, Michael Clyde will now forever be a part of two DubPoints legacies: first-ever DubPoints Fantasy Football champion. First-ever DubPoints Fantasy Sports champion.

Our congratulations to the champion, and to all of our participants this year. I had a lot of fun and look forward to continuing to try and be competitive in our other leagues. The second-ever Fantasy Sports champion will be crowned in the coming weeks as our College Bowl Pick ‘Em tournament wraps up. Check back to see who will join Mr. Clyde in the ranks of champions!

Klier captures lifelong championship dream in chaotic fashion

Joe Klier's first DubPoints World Championship will also be the first-reign held under the new "Dubby in the Bank" briefcase era, which may keep him on his toes.
Joe Klier’s first DubPoints World Championship will also be the first-reign held under the new “Dubby in the Bank” briefcase era, which may keep him on his toes.

Those wondering where exactly the “chaos” has been in this month’s Christmas Chaos theme needed to look no further than the 10-person World Championship scramble that began on Monday and ended earlier on Thursday afternoon.

After numerous eliminations and frantic rule-changes by Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar to increase excitement, Joe Klier walked out of the match with his first ever DubPoints championship of any kind, and the World Title at that. In doing so, he snapped Charles Wilfong’s 254-day title reign, a record that may last for some time.

The match had been pretty straightforward up until Wednesday. A suggestion by the under-the-weather Wilfong to shorten the match by one day was taken in stride by Edgar, who polled the competitors and the audience numerous times, eventually getting everyone on board with the idea of using his random prize wheel to help determine the results.

That evening, Ashleigh Thress was officially eliminated from play due to the wheel (though had the match gone on as regularly scheduled, she would have been eliminated anyway), leaving Wilfong, newcomer Rafe Haddox, mainstay Luke Bumbico, and the 3-year veteran Joe Klier left in the mix.

Each competitor had solid strategies that came into play all week, and particularly Thursday. Wilfong executed arguably the most balanced gameplan of the group, owing much to his longtime experience in the contest and recent success. He actually ended the day Thursday with the most points (more on that later). Rafe Haddox, who was completely new to the brand, finished only one point behind rival Wilfong, and one could argue that had he uploaded an intimidation video minutes before the decision to call scoring for the day, that he would have been in first. Likewise, you could also make the case for Joe Klier, who had been racking up availability and value points all week, and certainly had a chance to take the top spot given a longer day of play. Luke Bumbico, who avoided the public spotlight at all costs, found himself significantly behind on Thursday, but was a strong participant all week.

The decision to spin the wheel on Thursday was met immediately with controversy and excitement. Edgar made last-minute changes to the structure of the wheel without the consent or approval of any of the participants. The justification was that the new set-up on the wheel gave a 50% chance that the match would end a day early (with the four remaining competitors getting wedges on the wheel proportional to their scoring for that day). The other 50% of the wheel would consist of random number of eliminations, ensuring either a 2-, 3-, or 4-man field on the last day of actual play.

Wilfong went into the wheel spin with a 64% chance of keeping the championship at least one more day, but it was a far cry from the original setup which would have given him chances closer to 85% (and possibly even more than that). He immediately criticized Edgar’s decision, claiming that he had broken a social contract with the players by changing the wheel at the last minute.

Edgar, who took full responsibility for the rule change, claimed that from a mathematical standpoint, he thought that the new set-up created enough drama and enough of an advantage for whomever scored highest (in this case, Wilfong) that he went ahead and made the change without anyone else’s feedback. And while this is not the first time Edgar’s decision-making in high-profile matches has come into question, it did allow Joe Klier to walk out with a championship that he probably had a good (but maybe not great) chance of winning otherwise. Edgar has immediately tried to repair the goodwill by sanctioning a one-on-one rematch for January between the new champion Klier and Wilfong.

Klier becomes only the 19th-ever holder of the DubPoints World Championship, a title he has been pursuing since DubPoints X when he was entered into the then 100-person field. His best performance recently had been a semifinals appearance in DubPoints XII, the last full 64-person tournament. He had been teasing making a run in this matchup for some time, and seemed to be genuinely enthusiastic all week and in victory. Time will tell if his title reign can live up to the standards that Wilfong set in his run — he took on all challengers and had some tough battles in 2016 that single-handedly raised the prestige of the belt. But if nothing else, Klier has generated some short-term interest that should generate some new participants in the long run, and that’s always a good thing.

Our congratulations to Mr. Klier and to all the participants in this wild matchup. Happy New Year to all, and we will see you in 2017!

Championship plans begin to take shape for January

With two days remaining in our “Christmas Chaos” World Championship match, it’s never too early to be thinking about the future. Several title defenses are being planned for next month, and while we don’t know the full details on who will be competing, we do know some of the stipulations and how these are going to go.

world_titleWorld Championship: (potentially) Charles Wilfong (c) v. Nicholas Griffin
At press time, Charles Wilfong is the reigning world champion and was given the opportunity to choose his opponent or have a month off from competition in January. His 250-plus day reign may still come to an end before 2016 is over, but that hasn’t stopped him from provisionally accepting a challenge from longtime-rival Nicholas Griffin in January. All of this is of course contingent on Wilfong retaining the title this week, but if he does, he will have a one-on-one bout of some type of mutually agreed match-type. Given the prestige with which these two have treated the belt, it’s safe to say this will be an in-person affair of some sort, though the deliberations on what form the match could take may be lengthy.

In the event that Wilfong loses the strap before January, it will really be up to the current champion and the commissioner as to what happens. It’s very likely that any new champion would opt not to have an immediate title defense in January, though they will probably feel pressure to do so. Wilfong would be a likely candidate; though he has no guaranteed rematch clause, his long reign as champion probably affords him another title shot in the near future, if he loses.

patterson_newovOhio Valley Championship: Joe Patterson (c) defends in a 20-person “Spinning Scramble” Match, January 16-19
Joe Patterson probably does not want another multi-person match after defending his title against nine other people in December, but that’s what he’s going to get. Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar will not disappoint a fanbase pining for more excitement in this newly-crafted title defense.

The match, which will have four rounds over four days, will be a literal race to the finish. Edgar will be posting “calls to action” at predetermined random times during each day of scoring, and participants will be awarded spins on the “Wheel of Randomness” depending on how quickly they respond. The spins, will in turn, give them points. It’s an interesting concept that seems like it should be at least pretty fair to all participants, but still slightly favors the champion who is notorious for being awake at any and all hours of the day.

This match, which eschews traditional categories in favor of speedy responses, will feature up to 20 total participants, and those will start to be named sometime this weekend.

wedge_champInternet Championship: Riley Wedge (c) v. ??? (One-on-one match)
Riley Wedge’s victory to secure the Internet Championship was as important to him as it is to the prestige of the title. As one of DubPoints’ most notable figures who has finally achieved championship glory, he is expected to be put into a high-profile matchup immediately in order to further raise the honor of the title.

As a general man about town, Wedge can be paired up with a seemingly endless list of opponents, and while he has rivals close to him who very much want a sanctioned shot at the title (and may get one in the future), it’s likely that he will encounter someone familiar yet challenging. Wedge is a promotional mastermind, and his bout will generate a lot of publicity and attract interest, but it remains to be seen what form this match will take. It is likely that Edgar will push for some kind of mutual agreement between Wedge and his opponent on a bout that is competitive but that maybe isn’t necessarily a traditional DubPoints contest. Either way, this promises to be one of the more exciting matches on the card.

img_6548Gang Wars Championship: Pugs of Anarchy (c) v. Mel ‘n’ Del Connection
Whether or not you agreed with the fact that Edgar overrode his own decision and kept the Gang Wars belts in the hands of the Pugs of Anarchy, the reality was there was no definitive victor in last month’s matchup. The Mel ‘n’ Del Connection finished as co-finalists in the “Christmas Chaos” bout, but weren’t really definitively eliminated or victorious.

This presents a scenario which stretches out a feud that has gone on since September even longer. During this time and multiple matches, both teams have laid claim to the belt, but the Pugs have openly stated that they are ready for new challengers. Without a definitive conclusion to this rivalry, it’s hard to completely agree with them — but it almost goes without saying that the losing team of this matchup probably is going to move on to other divisions for a while. Considering that both Griffin may have a singles title shot in January, and the fact that the Delbrugges have earned themselves the first-ever “Dubby in the Bank” title shot, there’s still a backup plan for either losing team.

catsmeowCats’ Meow Championship: Bursee/Bumbico v. Lewis/???
Many thought Edgar was crazy when he announced a second tag team title would debut in January, complete with a cat-centric design and title. But the Cats’ Meow championship needs a home, and two teams have been selected to compete for it.

Charles Bursee selected multi-time champion Luke Bumbico to be his partner in the first-ever matchup, which will see him competing against the resurgent Allen Lewis and a partner of his choosing. The match type has also yet to be determined, but look for a huge push from Edgar for it to somehow be cat-themed. Either way, an in-person meeting is unlikely given that Bumbico is not regularly in the Valley, but that actually opens up the options for Lewis’ partner even more. Whether the title ends up being on the same level as some of the others in DubPoints remains to be seen, but we will at least have our inaugural champions after next month.

sportsFantasy Sports Championships
It looks like we will have our first-ever Fantasy Sports Champion with the conclusion of the Griffin-Clyde Fantasy Football matchup on January 1st, with our second-ever champion being determined following the conclusion of the ongoing College Bowl Pick ‘Em. Both champions will get their own belt specific to their sport, though they will fall under the same championship lineage.

Check back in the coming days as we begin to announce competitors for these events!

Delbrugge awarded first-ever “Dubby in the Bank” title shot after Edgar’s scoring gaffe

Mock-up of the yet-to-be-created physical "Dubby in the Bank" briefcase.
Mock-up of the yet-to-be-created physical “Dubby in the Bank” briefcase.

The controversy surrounding the finish to the DubPoints Gang Wars Championship match left the Mel ‘n’ Del Connection (Lance & Melanie Delbrugge) the apparent winners, only to have the decision reversed to a draw minutes later by Commissioner Edgar, leaving the titles with the Pugs of Anarchy (Nicholas Griffin & Brad Uhrig).

As consolation for the scoring error, the Delbrugges have been awarded the first-ever “Dubby in the Bank” title shot. This title shot will allow both competitors to cash-in for a near-immediate shot at the Gang Wars titles (or will allow one of the competitors to cash-in for a singles championship of their choosing) at any time during the calendar year of 2017.

Commissioner Edgar is planning on bringing the “Dubby in the Bank” contest as a permanent part of the DubPoints rotation, and is expected to schedule at least a couple opportunities for others to win this prestigious ad-hoc title shot later in the year.

The premise of the briefcase is simple — the holder of it may schedule a title match for any one title of their choosing, provided that they give John Wyatt Edgar 24 hours notice. The match type will be a traditional, 24-hour long DubPoints scoring contest, and the current champion will only be notified the moment that the match actually starts. The holder of the “Dubby in the Bank” briefcase will also be allowed to cash-in in the middle of any ongoing matchup, traditionally scored or otherwise, and will also have the option to cash it in, in-person, immediately following a one-on-one competition where all parties are physically present. Regardless of cash-in method and championship selected, it is only good one time, and it is valid anytime during the calendar year of 2017.

Because the situation in which this was awarded was a tag team match, Lance Delbrugge will be awarded the briefcase as a result of having the higher scores of him and his partner. However, he can cash in for a tag team title with a partner of his choosing, should that be a title he wishes to go for.

This new element of gameplay should keep all champions on notice beginning promptly at the beginning of next year. More details on the briefcase as well as additional opportunities to win it will be announced in weeks to come.

Pugs of Anarchy retain Gang Wars Championship via controversial draw

The Pugs of Anarchy remain a strong-looking team despite the loss, and look to have a future in DubPoints.
The Pugs of Anarchy remain a strong-looking team despite the loss, and look to have a future in DubPoints.

A controversial finish to the DubPoints Gang Wars championship match took place last night, going well past the midnight hour as commissioner John Wyatt Edgar struggled to make a definitive decision on who won the titles.

In a field stacked with talent all week, the 5-day elimination match sported easily the best back-and-forth action we have seen all month, and was capped off by the battle between the two teams who have been at the top of the tag team division for months: the current champions Pugs of Anarchy and the former belt holders the Mel ‘n’ Del Connection.

The final round featured a dead heat between the two teams who were all square in every major category, eventually forcing Edgar to call the match a draw and allow the belts to remain with Nick Griffin & Brad Uhrig. However, this decision was only made after initially calling the match in favor of the Delbrugges, as a rare scoring dispute by Uhrig proved that he had indeed initiated uncounted activity that made the value category a draw as well.

While the decision to overturn the results was obviously met with some backlash from the Mel ‘n’ Del Connection, Edgar is standing by the decision and the results are final. He was quoted earlier this morning:

“Obviously, we hate to see an ambiguous finish to such a great matchup. It was not fair to either team to make them continue to play past the scheduled date of the match, and so I have ordered the match to end in a draw, allowing the current champions to still retain their belts. The Mel ‘n’ Del Connection will be the #1 contenders to the Gang Wars Championship in January (as the Pugs would have been had they lost), and a proper consolation will be awarded to them and announced soon in lieu of taking the belts home this month.”

The “consolation” that Edgar refers to has yet to be publicly announced. Following the decision to end in a tie, the Pugs of Anarchy were given the option to either remain champions or take the mystery consolation prize. Uhrig, who acted as spokesperson for the team, opted to keep the belts and championships. It is unknown at this time what exactly the Delbrugges will be receiving, but Edgar has stated that it will be “unprecedented”:

“A few senior members of the community had proposed some ideas for DubPoints that we’ve never been able to really implement before. And the frantic finish to this matchup is going to allow us to experiment with some of these,” Edgar further elaborated. “This match may have ended in a draw, but I think it will be proven that both teams walked out of it winners.”

Edgar is expected to make an announcement on what’s in store for both teams later next week.

Wedge’s veteran presence will reinvigorate Internet division

Riley Wedge has captured his first ever DubPoints championship, and will be presented with the Internet title belt later this weekend.
Riley Wedge has captured his first ever DubPoints championship, and will be presented with the Internet title belt later this weekend.

Without nearly as much fanfare as he had generated in his DubPoints tournament runs the last couple of years, Riley Wedge has finally achieved championship success.

His Internet Championship victory comes in a 10-person elimination contest under traditional scoring, one of four matches set up this month under Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar’s “Christmas Chaos” theme. Wedge’s path to the title was largely attributed to his entertaining video performances throughout the week, and his hilarious-but-true criticism of the commissioner’s traveling internet freakshow known as DubPoints. He managed to hold off both Charles Bursee and Allen Lewis to do so, two competitors of the group who looked poised to make serious runs for the title as well.

Wedge’s victory also puts a definitive end to inaugural champion David Dodrill’s reign, which started out strong but was marred by controversy and scheduling conflicts, as well as a belt design that focused on pink hues and outdated social media logos. Edgar commissioned a new belt during the last couple weeks, in anticipation of a title change, as it appeared that Dodrill was not going to play much of a role in this matchup, and he did not, getting eliminated around the halfway point of the week. His reign lasted 79 days and consisted of no notable title defenses.

While the smaller field of this matchup allowed Wedge to coast to victory without making any major ripples, he still proved efficient and effective. A well-known and charismatic member of the DubPoints Universe, Wedge immediately brings prestige to a championship that has been largely overshadowed by the other divisions’ belts recently. As a longtime proponent of the brand, Wedge will also be a highly visible champion that should have no problem attracting new rivalries and rekindling old ones. He has always been viewed as world champion material, and this accolade should help him get additional consideration for such opportunities in the future.

Wedge will have little time to celebrate his victory, and will be expected to have his first title defense in January. His first challenge will probably be his toughest, as the commissioner is already leading towards another multi-person matchup. With Wedge as the gatekeeper of the Internet division, we could see a resurgence of interest akin to the classic tournament days. The title picture has already become a lot more interesting, and the landscape of DubPoints may be changed forever.