Ohio Valley Championship Recap: Patterson survives tough week of competition

While he looked vulnerable at times, Patterson's ability to hold off nine other competitors in his first "classic" DubPoints match is impressive.
While he looked vulnerable at times, Patterson’s ability to hold off nine other competitors in his first “classic” DubPoints match is impressive.

The first of four 10-participant championship matches finished up early this afternoon, with inaugural Ohio Valley Champion Joe Patterson retaining his title in gritty fashion over 9 other talented competitors.

The match, which featured classic DubPoints scoring in five categories (availability, creativity, effort, publicity, and value), consisted of 9 twelve-hour rounds with the lowest score being booted out at the end of each. This made for a slow-paced but exciting competition that favored consistency and long-term strategy over short-term bursts of activity.

The week opened up predictably, with those who were effectively not competing being eliminated first. But there was a bit of a surprise as to who some of those players ended up being. Bob Wilson, a fixture in the fantasy sports realm in his first-ever DubPoints match, drew the first shortest straw. The real story of Day 1, however, was Jimmy Howes, the former 2-time champion, being eliminated after Round 2. Questions lingered as to whether or not either of the contestants were aware of their participation.

In Day 2, Dom Vinci was the easy choice for a third-round elimination after a sudden deactivation of his social media (or blocking the DubPoints page, we’re not really sure). Logan Taylor, a first-time competitor who showed a lot of upside, was sent home after Round 4 for failing to do anything significant contest-wise.

Justine Mentzer’s shocking elimination at the beginning of Wednesday cut the field down to half, and she was someone who was viewed early on as a potential top contender for the belt in this match format.

Patterson then found himself against four remaining competitors: close rival Jim Jasinski and last month’s top contender Mike Kendjorsky (who were expected to advance far), and the more surprising debuting Brandon Garcia and back-from-hiatus Mike Fedczak (playing for the first time since 2013). It was then that we saw some real strategy take place as all five men were hungry for the championship.

Patterson and Jasinski took more traditional approaches, relying on availability and creativity, while Kendjorsky, Garcia and Fedczak focused on the other categories. Garcia was especially publicity-heavy throughout his run in the contest, as was Fedczak, but Garcia’s repeated spamming of Facebook was more frequent, causing Fedczak to be the first of the last five to be eliminated.

In an interesting turn of events on Thursday, Jasinski became the next one to be eliminated, after waiting out nearly the entire 12-hour window to do something significant. Though he did submit some content in the same vein as his opponents within the scoring window, it was the sheer amount of content by others on this day that boxed him out a little early than many had expected.

With the field now down to three people, we expected to see some attempts to focus on additional categories, but that turned out not to be the case. Garcia’s laser-focus on the publicity category put him in a position to consistently score points all week, but it was never going to be enough against a smaller field without making a dent in the others. His elimination Thursday night put Patterson and Kendjorsky in control of their own destinies on Friday.

You can’t really take anything away from Kendjorsky’s performance in this event. He was clearly not going to get availability based on a distance disadvantage, but managed to accrue points in it when the field was larger due to constant communication with the commissioner. Patterson’s lack of social media posts the entire match gave that category to Kendjorsky, and with neither of them offering bribes they looked like they were going to have to rely on creativity and effort.

While not as tough of a judgment call as recent full-blown categories, Patterson delivered on both effort and creativity by going a classic route of piecing together a lengthy video of entertaining original content. Kendjorsky certainly upped his game on Friday, focusing on the effort category, and you could make the case that he actually might have taken that category, but that the disparity in creativity on Friday was more in Patterson’s favor than the one for effort in Kendjorsky’s.

Either way, it was a fantastic matchup. Patterson looks to be trying to hold on to the belt as long as possible, but participants like Kendjorsky, Garcia, Jasinski, and Fedczak all proved something here, and it is expected that they will be in championship consideration over the next few months.

There will be a similar match for the DubPoints Internet Championship beginning at midnight on Monday, December 12. The match will see David Dodrill (in his first official title defense) trying to fend off 9 other competitors. If it was anything like this match, we’re in for another wild week.


College Bowl Pick ‘Em added to DubPoints Fantasy Sports Division

The rapid expansion of DubPoints’ fantasy sports division continued on Monday with the announcement of a College Bowl Pick ‘Em challenge for the 2016 bowl season.

The tournament, which will be hosted by Yahoo Fantasy Sports, is for the DubPoints Fantasy Sports Championship, and becomes one of four currently running contests (along with fantasy football, hockey, and basketball) that will determine the winner of this prestigious new belt.

Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar is mulling over the idea of producing belts for each of the individual contests so that champions of different events will still get to hold the belt for the full year, but that hasn’t been decided yet. With some of the contests’ seasons running so closely together, it is possible that at least a couple extra belts get made, though the champions of each contest will be recognized simply as DubPoints Fantasy Sports Champion, regardless of sport.

The College Bowl Pick ‘Em challenge is open to the public regardless of previous experience in fantasy sports or DubPoints. Please contact the commissioner for the link if you are interested via the DubPoints Facebook page.

What’s going on with the Internet Championship?

Is David Dodrill trolling his opponents and the DubPoints fanbase, or is he just really busy?
Is David Dodrill trolling his opponents and the DubPoints fanbase, or is he just really busy?

Nearly two months ago, on September 28, David Dodrill became the inaugural winner of the DubPoints Internet Championship after a closely contested one-day match against Ryan Church. But, he has yet to officially defend the title in any capacity.

After an appearance the following week on DubPoints LIVE, coupled with an announcement that he would defend his title against proposed #1 contender Jimmy Howes, Dodrill has scant been heard from when it comes to the brand, leaving the future of this month’s title defense, as well as the championship itself, in doubt.

While the proposed match between Dodrill and Howes never took place, Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar shifted blame away from Dodrill, attributing the delay in having a matchup due to numerous conflicts of schedules from all parties involved, including the commissioner itself. As eleventh hour initiatives were attempted to make the match happen in October, Edgar eventually scrapped the idea altogether and shifted his focus on preparing Dodrill for his first title defense in November.

Because the proposed Dodrill-Howes match was not the only match scheduled for October that didn’t take place (the Ohio Valley Championship bout that month failed to unfold, and the Gang Wars Championship almost didn’t happen), Edgar spent much of the first week of November implementing a fail-safe should he be unable to coordinate schedules. The new “content submission” format, which will also be used in multiple-person matches, is currently serving the Gang Wars championship division well, and the intent was to use it this month.

Edgar then announced a Fatal Four Way match for the Internet Championship, featuring Dodrill defending against Ryan Church, Nick Levi, and Eric Hersey in the aforementioned “content submission” match, one in which the champion picks a theme and everyone in the match submits one thing that best fits it. (For example, the Gang Wars match going on is seeing who can submit a picture of the cutest pug right now — yeah). But numerous requests to contact Dodrill in public and private social media have illicited non-responses.

With about a week and a half left in the month, Edgar is committed to having the title match as he feels it would be unfair and reflect poorly on the brand to strip the inaugural Internet champion of his title. But if he and Dodrill can’t agree to some type of media for everyone to submit and have judged, he is at the very least going to have to allow someone else in the match to make that decision, and by all indication that would be Ryan Church.

Edgar is expected to reach back out to Dodrill, as well as the other competitors, on Monday, with their thoughts on what the theme and media type should be. It would be disadvantageous to Dodrill to squander the opportunity to basically pick the theme of this matchup, especially if it’s something his foes would be lukewarm to anyway. Dodrill is in a position to call the shots here, but he at least needs to call one.


Kendjorsky to receive title shot & other news

Michael Kendjorsky will be receiving his first DubPoints title shot of any kind.
Michael Kendjorsky will be receiving his first DubPoints title shot of any kind.

Kendjorsky secures November OV title shot

While the fans anxiously await a stipulation and actual match between Ohio Valley Champion Joe Patterson and current #1 contender Chris Petroskey, the future for either man appears to already be set. Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar announced today that Michael Kendjorsky will receive the winner, and such, an Ohio Valley Championship match of some sort next month.

Details on what kind of match that will be have yet to be discussed. Kendjorsky, who has ties to the Ohio Valley but does not currently reside in it, will become the first-person outside of the Valley to challenge for the title. He was selected as the new #1 contender unanimously by the championship committee, who favored him at the current time over former Cinderella story Dom Vinci.

However, before any progress on putting his match together can be made, Patterson still needs to defend his title this month. Rumor going around is that the commissioner is growing frustrated as the end of the month approaches and he and Petroskey have not agreed to terms on a decisive bout, and that he is beginning to put contingency plans together that would include mandating a match type and/or putting in an emergency contender in the interim. So that really leaves it up in the air as to who Kendjorsky will be challenging in November for the brand’s second-most prestigious title.

Gang Wars championship rematch takes place this Saturday

Weeks of negotiation couldn’t put the Pugs of Anarchy (Nicholas Griffin & Brad Uhrig) and the current Gang Wars Champions Mel ‘n’ Del Connection (Lance & Melanie Delbrugge) in the same place at the same time before the end of the month, so some bizarre measures are currently being taken to make sure the match happens.

The two teams will compete in a simulated WWE2k17 match, in which each team will pick 3 superstars who will compete on their behalf in a 6-man ladder match. The team who has chose the winning participant will win the real-life Gang Wars title. It seems kind of silly to have a video game determining their championship fate, especially when they aren’t even playing it (but more on that below), but it may not matter much as Edgar has signed both teams as well as a mystery third team in a triple-threat title defense in November for whomever wins.

Edgar will be live-streaming the match at 11PM Saturday on the DubPoints Facebook page.

David Dodrill has done a great job at making the Internet Championship relevant, but can he douse the Howes?
David Dodrill has done a great job at making the Internet Championship relevant, but can he douse the Howes?

Dodrill comes to video game agreement with Howes for Internet Championship

While a date has yet to be selected (though it could happen this weekend), Internet Champion David Dodrill has an in-place agreement to play against Jimmy Howes in a best-of-7 WWE 2k17 match that will be streamed on Facebook and will serve as a title defense. It’s an interesting choice, considering that Howes is well-known in the community for being an avid gamer while Dodrill’s skills in that field are largely unknown.

The match was slated to take place last week but has been pushed back as both contestants select an alternative date. There is no word on who will be the top contender for the championship next month, though many expect Dodrill to have a rematch clause in his contract should he lose.

Keep checking back for more information on the DubPoints Championship picture!

Vince Levi named #1 contender to DubPoints World Championship

Vince Levi will be receiving his first ever shot at a DubPoints championship.
Vince Levi will be receiving his first ever shot at a DubPoints championship.

DubPoints Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar cut short the planned 20-person blitz to determine the new #1 contender to Charles Wilfong‘s World Championship, naming Vince Levi as his opponent for November. A clearly excited Levi, who is getting his first-ever crack at the title, said that he “gladly accepts” the opportunity.

The news came in the wake of a planned 20-person match which many experts thought leaned heavily towards Justine or Jessica Mentzer. In addition, Wilfong had publicly stated earlier in the year that he felt Ryan Church deserved a shot at the belt as well. And while that may still happen at some point, he will have to defend the title against “The Hammer” first.

Levi has had much experience with DubPoints but has never really posed as a serious threat to the championship, so this seems like part experiment and part attempt to interject some much-needed fresh blood into the title picture. While Levi’s on-again-off-again tenure with the brand dates back to the original Gang Wars days (where he had some moderate success), his most prominent appearance was in the much publicized 2012 DubPoints IX tournament, where he had some impressive victories en route to his best-ever performance. Over the last year, he had assisted Edgar in drafting rules for various title matches, before Edgar jettisoned the idea prior to the championship brand expansion.

Levi, who is very active in the Fantasy Sports division, is not only attempting to get his first DubPoints Championship of any kind, but would also make himself and younger brother Nick Levi only the second sibling pairing to have won the DubPoints World Championship with a victory. (Nick won the tenth season of Ohio Valley Gang Wars in 2007 against Amber Lutz, and is recognized as a former world championship as it shares the lineage of the league).

World Champion Charles Wilfong was informed of the decision earlier today, but has not commented on his new opponent just yet, as he is likely formulating some ideas for match proposals. It is widely known that Wilfong and Levi are both extremely competitive, and both will probably handle this match with class and responsibility. We don’t yet know what form this match will take except that it will happen some time during the month of November.

Keep checking back for more news on this subject, as well as the rest of our multiple title pictures!

DubPoints LIVE to be recorded, will be published this weekend

Recent technical difficulties and fan feedback have prompted Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar to cancel this week’s live installment of DubPoints LIVE in favor of a pre-taped show.

The show will be co-hosted by Edgar and current Ohio Valley Champion Joe Patterson. The two will discuss all of this month’s matchups.

The hope is to increase the quality of the show as well as splice in some footage from the last couple weeks of events, and make sure that DubPoints LIVE is presented in its best possible form. Edgar still intends on using the Facebook Live platform for streaming some live matchups later this month.

Check back this weekend for the premiere of Episode 6!

Match Card set for rest of October

After a thrilling few days of championship action, it has calmed down enough to where Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar has finally had a chance to sit down and book the rest of the matches for the month of October. While these are subject to change, here is what we have on-tap for the rest of the month (some of these were mentioned or hinted at on the most recent edition of DubPoints LIVE):

DubPoints World Championship: Charles Wilfong (c) v. Ashleigh Thress

This match is actually going to happen later today, and it is a WWE No Mercy Pick ‘Em match. Both contestants will attempt to correctly predict the winners of the matches on this weekend’s WWE pay-per-view. While this might not be exciting for the general public, we will at least have a result before Monday rolls around.

DubPoints Gang Wars Championship: Mel ‘n’ Del Connection (c) v. Pugs of Anarchy

The blowout that took place on Wednesday didn’t change the fact that Nicholas Griffin & Brad Uhrig are still viewed as an elite pair. Lance and Melanie Delbrugge may feel slighted that they have to beat the same team two times, but they have to feel pretty confident about it given how they performed Wednesday. Match date and type to be determined.

DubPoints Internet Championship: David Dodrill (c) v. Jimmy Howes

David Dodrill is already promising to take the Internet Championship to huge heights, but he will have to defend against 2-time DubPoints Champion Jimmy Howes this month. While Howes has not been a fixture recently, it’s quite possible he not only comes out of retirement for this bout, but that the two agree to do some sort of challenge format. Match date and type to be determined.

DubPoints Ohio Valley Championship: Joe Patterson (c) v. Chris Petroskey

While Joe Patterson is known for being the co-host of DubPoints LIVE, he’s still relatively new to the competition. This match will feature him going off close friend and cousin Chris Petroskey as he attempts to raise the prestige of the belt as well as bring in new competitors to the fold. This one should be fun. Match date and type to be determined.

#1 Contender’s Match for the Ohio Valley Championship: Dom Vinci v. Michael Kendjorsky

Dom Vinci has had some great success in DubPoints in recent years, but Michael Kendjorsky has been hungrier for a title shot. This will be an interesting matchup, as these two are close rivals. However, it could end up being a traditional scoring match as there are some logistical concerns if they want to go a challenge route. Match date and type to be determined.

#1 Contender’s DubPoints Blitz Match for the World Championship: 20 participants, TBD

On Sunday, October 23rd, 20 participants will compete under traditional DubPoints scoring rules in order to determine who gets next month’s shot at the world title. This should end up being very interesting and giving a lot of new people an opportunity to compete. Typically contests like these have been held in days or weeks, but with 20 people trying to earn as many points as they can in a 24-hour window, scoring is surely going to be tough for Commissioner Edgar. The participants will be announced later this week on DubPoints LIVE.

Full match-by-match previews will be available as we get more information on match stipulations, dates, and venues. Keep checking back to DubPoints.com for all the details.

DubPoints LIVE: Episode 5

Join us every Thursday at 7PM EST on the DubPoints Facebook Page for DubPoints LIVE!

Joining Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar is this week’s special guest co-host Joe Patterson.

Topics include:

  • Recap of the Ohio Valley and Gang Wars Championship matches
  • A special guest appearance by Internet Champion David Dodrill
  • Announcements regarding upcoming championship and contendership matches
  • DubPoints Fantasy Football League highlights
  • …and much much more!

Lots of DubPoints news for week of October 3

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks here at the DubPoints compound, and things look to get even more exciting this week with the conclusion of two title matches, some new #1 contender announcements, and of course the return of the weekly DubPoints LIVE show on Thursday. Let’s break down all the latest news, rumors, and rumblings to get you up-to-speed.

Ashleigh Thress will challenge Charles Wilfong this month for the DubPoints World Championship

Though the Fatal 4-way #1 contender’s bout was as lackluster as predictions initially indicated, Ashleigh Thress did emerge victorious and will receive a title shot for the World Championship this month. She squeaked by Spencer Conner (a surprise that he even participated, honestly) en route to victory. Luke Bumbico managed a single point but the once god-tier Eric Hersey rolled a complete shutout, leaving many to wonder if these two titans of DubPoints are done for good… or at least for a while.

This will be Wilfong’s first title defense in several months. While there could be a one-day classic scoring competition later in the month to determine the champion, it’s more likely that these two face off in a one-on-one, in-person battle of their choosing. We hope to have more information on the logistics of that matchup later in the week.

David Dodrill is the first-ever DubPoints Internet Championship

In a match that could have went either way, and was actually much closer than the score indicated, David Dodrill bested Ryan Church to lay claim to the inaugural DubPoints Internet Championship. His first order of business was to announce that he would be appearing on DubPoints LIVE later this week, presumably for a championship coronation and to call out his next opponent for this month. He may not have to wait long to start gathering material though — all signs indicate that Brandy Sall will get the title shot she deliberately skipped out on last month. Given their rivalry, it should be an interesting contest, and hopefully Dodrill will have some input on it at 7PM on Thursday!

Ryan Church was disappointed with his loss in the first-ever Internet Championship match, but played well enough that he could be in title contention "very soon."
Ryan Church was disappointed with his loss in the first-ever Internet Championship match, but played well enough that he could be in title contention “very soon.”

Gang Wars Championship Match will move forward on Wednesday, possibly streamed live

Lance and Melanie Delbrugge are slated to appear at the DubShack on Wednesday evening along with their opponents, Nick Griffin and Brad Uhrig (who is travelling all the way from Michigan), for the first-ever Gang Wars Championship match. The premise will be “Wheel of DubPoints” as agreed upon by the competitors, but the interpretation will be left up to Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar. It could end up being a legit “Wheel of Fortune” style match or something that just involves spinning his colorful prize wheel multiple times. Final details are being worked out.

There are rumors that DubPoints LIVE co-host Joe Patterson will be appearing at this special event, and could play a part in the match proceedings. Given the rivalry he has built up with Griffin through fantasy football, it is possible that we finally see a pay off on the option to compete in a tiebreaker to settle their Week 1 fantasy football draw. It’s also possible other guests will be in attendance, and Commissioner Edgar hopes to stream the event live, or at least film it for upload later in the week.

Ohio Valley Champion will probably be declared this week, #1 contender already decided

Speaking of Patterson, he will be facing Jim Jasinski in the first-ever Ohio Valley Championship match this week. It looks like the two have agreed to do a best-of-three series featuring different contests. While some details are being finalized minutes to midnight, it looks like billiards and skee-ball will form two-thirds of the competition, with a more luck-based scenario being involved as a third game tiebreaker.

Commissioner Edgar has already selected the new #1 contender to the belt following the conclusion of the match, and expects to announce it shortly. He assures us that it will be a “good fit for an October matchup” regardless of who ultimately takes home the belt this week.

Fantasy Hockey draft in 1 week; Basketball in 2

Edgar is still trying to fill up slots for the fantasy hockey league that is due to start next Monday, but a few have already been claimed by people who haven’t officially registered yet. He is having a tougher time with basketball but is expected to fill that up to the 20 team maximum prior to its draft. If you’re interested in either league, please contact him ASAP.

The fantasy football league is still very competitive, and many are said to be pleased with how the games are going so far. We probably won’t have any idea at who the real candidates for the first-ever Fantasy Sports Championship are until later in the season, as the depth of teams equates to a lot of parity in the field.

Check back on the Facebook page for further updates, and don’t forget to tune in to DubPoints LIVE this week! It’s a can’t miss show.


Preview: Fatal 4-way on Thursday/Friday to determine World Championship #1 contender

DubPoints World Champion Charles Wilfong has waited over three months to defend his title again, possibly under the impression that he would never have to. The DubPoints brand has undergone many changes and revisions since then, and the whole state of the competition was in flux for a while. And even though the focus this month on DubPoints LIVE has been the crowning of the newly introduced championships, there is still business at hand in determining Wilfong’s #1 contender.

Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar has booked four former champions in a two-day, “Fatal 4-way” #1 contender’s bout under traditional DubPoints scoring categories (availability, creativity, effort, publicity, and value). The action kicks off on Thursday, September 29, at midnight eastern and continues through the end of the day on Friday. And while this star-studded affair has all the talent necessary to create a high-scoring event, the build has been somewhat lackluster and underwhelming.

Ashleigh Thress, the most recent champion of the four candidates, has emerged as a clear favorite to win. Though her enthusiasm has waned since the disappointing DelPoints tournament earlier this year, she has been the only one of the four to consistently put forth any kind of effort into the brand in the months following. Thress is still a good fit for the title picture, and a one-on-one matchup against Wilfong is bound to be entertaining and have some unique stipulations, assuming it does take place. While nothing is a guarantee in DubPoints, it certainly would appear that this match may be nothing more than a formality in regards to her ascencion back to the top stage.

While the other three participants have to be portrayed as underdogs, Spencer Conner looks to be the least likely to walk into the weekend with a championship opportunity. After some tremendous activity in 2012-13, including a DubPoints IX championship, Conner’s fall from top-caliber competition has happened quickly and quietly. While there is no negating his impact on the event’s history, his relocation to the east coast has made him somewhat of a ghost when it comes to DubPoints events. If he wants to remain in consideration for the future, he needs to put forth some kind of effort, even if it doesn’t result in victory, as his stock is dropping fast.

Eric Hersey is in a similar situation, but for different reasons. Despite still being a productive force as recently as last year, and with two titles on his resume, Hersey is believed to be on hiatus from competition. That hiatus isn’t expected to be a permanent one, but it does appear to be one with no definitive end just yet. Hersey is known for being extremely active or inactive in DubPoints depending on the time of year, and coinciding with his fantasy football leagues is a real issue for him. Hersey takes his competitions very seriously and doesn’t want to compete if he feels he can’t bring something to the table. He is resourceful, though, and could make a move in this match — but only if he sees a clear path to victory.

Luke Bumbico is kind of the wildcard. He’s a more decorated champion than anyone in this match, but has also been the most vocal in recent years when it comes to denouncing the brand. But, he’s also the most clever of the four and could make a real charge at victory if that’s what he wants to do. Bumbico certainly follows the day-to-day activities of DubPoints, and while he thrives on competition, he doesn’t want to ruffle feathers or create controversy at this stage in his playing career. The recent evolution of the brand is much more inviting for a Luke Bumbico return, but the thought is he would only really go for a victory if he could do so by concentrating only on a couple categories.

While the above predictions may make the match sound considerably dull, it is simultaneously what makes it very exciting to watch. A dominating Thress victory is just as likely as a scenario in which none of the four competitors do much of anything to earn points, and the winner of the match ends up being determined by literally the smallest, most insignificant advantage. That could be as simple as sending Edgar a text or liking a Facebook post. If nothing else, who wouldn’t want to step up and try something — anything — if it meant being victorious in a match where their abilities have been downplayed on a weekly basis all month?

We will know the outcome at the end of the week, but don’t be surprised if Wilfong has already made a list of possible title match stipulations with Ms. Thress solely in mind.