Preview: Fatal 4-way on Thursday/Friday to determine World Championship #1 contender

DubPoints World Champion Charles Wilfong has waited over three months to defend his title again, possibly under the impression that he would never have to. The DubPoints brand has undergone many changes and revisions since then, and the whole state of the competition was in flux for a while. And even though the focus this month on DubPoints LIVE has been the crowning of the newly introduced championships, there is still business at hand in determining Wilfong’s #1 contender.

Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar has booked four former champions in a two-day, “Fatal 4-way” #1 contender’s bout under traditional DubPoints scoring categories (availability, creativity, effort, publicity, and value). The action kicks off on Thursday, September 29, at midnight eastern and continues through the end of the day on Friday. And while this star-studded affair has all the talent necessary to create a high-scoring event, the build has been somewhat lackluster and underwhelming.

Ashleigh Thress, the most recent champion of the four candidates, has emerged as a clear favorite to win. Though her enthusiasm has waned since the disappointing DelPoints tournament earlier this year, she has been the only one of the four to consistently put forth any kind of effort into the brand in the months following. Thress is still a good fit for the title picture, and a one-on-one matchup against Wilfong is bound to be entertaining and have some unique stipulations, assuming it does take place. While nothing is a guarantee in DubPoints, it certainly would appear that this match may be nothing more than a formality in regards to her ascencion back to the top stage.

While the other three participants have to be portrayed as underdogs, Spencer Conner looks to be the least likely to walk into the weekend with a championship opportunity. After some tremendous activity in 2012-13, including a DubPoints IX championship, Conner’s fall from top-caliber competition has happened quickly and quietly. While there is no negating his impact on the event’s history, his relocation to the east coast has made him somewhat of a ghost when it comes to DubPoints events. If he wants to remain in consideration for the future, he needs to put forth some kind of effort, even if it doesn’t result in victory, as his stock is dropping fast.

Eric Hersey is in a similar situation, but for different reasons. Despite still being a productive force as recently as last year, and with two titles on his resume, Hersey is believed to be on hiatus from competition. That hiatus isn’t expected to be a permanent one, but it does appear to be one with no definitive end just yet. Hersey is known for being extremely active or inactive in DubPoints depending on the time of year, and coinciding with his fantasy football leagues is a real issue for him. Hersey takes his competitions very seriously and doesn’t want to compete if he feels he can’t bring something to the table. He is resourceful, though, and could make a move in this match — but only if he sees a clear path to victory.

Luke Bumbico is kind of the wildcard. He’s a more decorated champion than anyone in this match, but has also been the most vocal in recent years when it comes to denouncing the brand. But, he’s also the most clever of the four and could make a real charge at victory if that’s what he wants to do. Bumbico certainly follows the day-to-day activities of DubPoints, and while he thrives on competition, he doesn’t want to ruffle feathers or create controversy at this stage in his playing career. The recent evolution of the brand is much more inviting for a Luke Bumbico return, but the thought is he would only really go for a victory if he could do so by concentrating only on a couple categories.

While the above predictions may make the match sound considerably dull, it is simultaneously what makes it very exciting to watch. A dominating Thress victory is just as likely as a scenario in which none of the four competitors do much of anything to earn points, and the winner of the match ends up being determined by literally the smallest, most insignificant advantage. That could be as simple as sending Edgar a text or liking a Facebook post. If nothing else, who wouldn’t want to step up and try something — anything — if it meant being victorious in a match where their abilities have been downplayed on a weekly basis all month?

We will know the outcome at the end of the week, but don’t be surprised if Wilfong has already made a list of possible title match stipulations with Ms. Thress solely in mind.


Preview: Church v. Dodrill on Wednesday for the Internet Championship

DubPoints is set to crown the first holder of one of its numerous new championships this week, following the conclusion of tomorrow’s much-anticipated Internet Championship match.

The match, which will feature co-#1 contenders Ryan Church and David Dodrill, will be a 24-hour affair that begins at midnight eastern on Wednesday, September 27, and run throughout the day. During the day, both competitors will be trying to earn points in only three of the five notorious DubPoints scoring categories: creativity, effort, and publicity… conveniently, the three that have the greatest chance of being showcased on the Internet.

Social media will likely be the key battleground for this event, and it is expected that both competitors will be doing most of their battling and rallying on Facebook, whether that be on the official DubPoints page or on Commissioner Edgar’s wall. While they can each earn points in whatever manner they choose, Edgar’s choice to eliminate the availability and value categories for this internet-focused event should make it nothing short of an entertaining spectacle for the general public.

Ryan Church was a late entry into the match after Edgar removed Brandy Sall following the recent deactivation of her Facebook account (it has since been re-activated). It is rumored that she will have a title shot as early as next month, but Edgar couldn’t risk having a forfeit victory in the inaugural match and promptly called upon Church, who was already widely believed to be one of the division’s strongest competitors.

Both contestants are hungry for championship gold, but already have a proven track record that has yielded results and carved out a nice legacy for themselves.

People are already gawking at the shiny new Internet Championship, but it'll look even better on one of these two competitors.
People are already gawking at the shiny new Internet Championship, but it’ll look even better on one of these two competitors.

Ryan Church has been involved with the DubPoints brand since its predecessor years as the Ohio Valley Gang Wars fantasy league. He was the only team owner in the league’s twelve-season history to post a perfect 18-0 regular season, and was also present at the original talent draft in December of 2004. He has become an integral part of the last few major DubPoints elimination tournaments, with Top 10 finishes in the last two. He has also carried the city of Martins Ferry on his back for years now, and is a well-known cultural icon in the heart of both fans of DubPoints as well as the general public.

David Dodrill’s 2013 splash into DubPoints was nothing short of trendsetting, as he became the first person to net a perfect daily score in a tournament round, as well as being a participant in the first-ever “challenge stipulation” to end a round, vs. Spencer Conner. He has an immense social media following and is viewed as a local inspiration. A lot of this is due to his well-documented success story: the high school variation of Dodrill was an overweight, possibly somewhat awkward punk rock kid — but when he evolved into his adult form, he gained the body physique of a Greek god through thousands of hours of hard work and dedication. (Still likes punk rock.)

Comparing these two competitors is a difficult proposition. These are two local legends that possess massive yet healthy egos. They wield influence over far more people with their natural charisma than any amount of hype a DubPoints event could do for them. Winning the Internet Championship is just another notch in their trophy case, but it’s well-deserved — and it’s a huge benefit to the brand to have the opportunity for these two to battle for the championship.

Considering the amount of talent in this matchup, it’s strange to think that neither of these competitors have already tasted DubPoints gold, but timing is everything. The social calendars of both Church and Dodrill is as exclusive as a black tie affair, so did anyone honestly expect that either of them would win a 6-week grueling tournament that required much more time than they could afford? With 24 hours, the chance for them to shine is much greater… and at a far smaller expense to what makes them great for this matchup: being indestructible social butterflies.


Full schedule of events for first monthly DubPoints Championship Series

As we approach the end of the month and the inevitable crowning of several new champions, Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar has made official the schedule of events for the rest of the month. Full details to come on this week’s episode of DubPoints LIVE, streaming on the DubPoints Facebook page Thursday, 9/22, at 7PM EST. Below is a list of the events, when they start, how long they run, and what all is at stake!

Monthly DubPoints Free-for-all Match

  • Date/Time: September 22 through September 30 (24/7 scoring)
  • Who: Open to everyone
  • Format: Traditional DubPoints scoring (availability, creativity, effort, publicity, value)
  • Summary: During the last nine days of this month, Edgar will be scoring friends, acquaintances, and social media followers in an effort to determine who should earn future title shots. There is no formal entry process and results will be posted daily, both here on the website and with a daily scoring “recap” show that will also be streaming on Facebook throughout this window. Scoring will run midnight through 11PM EST during each day, and the stream will go up around 11:30 PM EST.

Jasinksi v. Patterson for the Inaugural Ohio Valley Championship

  • Date/Time: TBD (sometime later this month)
  • Format: TBD
  • Summary: Both Jim Jasinski and Joe Patterson have mutually agreed that they will settle this title matchup in a format outside of normal DubPoints scoring. The official announcement has not yet been made, but as soon as we know when and where that is taking place, we will be updating it here on the site. More details from Mr. Patterson himself likely on this week’s DubPoints LIVE.

Pugs of Anarchy v. Mel ‘n’ Del Connection for the Inaugural Gang Wars Championship

  • Date/Time: October 5, 2016 (7:30 PM EST) — tentative
  • Format: “Wheel of DubPoints”
  • Summary: Every effort is being made to get all four team members present for an agreed-upon game show-style event that will see them compete for the vacant tag team championships. There are still details to be finalized, but at the very least, the plan is to stream this event in its entirety on Facebook’s Live platform. Much like the match above, they will be exempt from normal scoring rules for this title bout.

Dodrill v. Sall for the Inaugural Internet Championship

  • Date/Time: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 (all-day)
  • Format: Modified DubPoints Scoring (ONLY the creativity, effort, publicity categories)
  • Summary: This was originally planned to be a week-long event, but is now just a 24-hour affair after Edgar deemed it a little too excessive. Both competitors will have about a week to gameplan before laying their best foot out there in hopes to become the first ever Internet Champion. As it is a belt that represents social media activity above everything else, it’s only fitting that the scoring system they are using was modified to fit their needs and this new title.

Bumbico v. Conner v. Hersey v. Thress to determine the DubPoints World Championship #1 Contender

  • Date/Time: Thursday, September 29, 2016 & Friday, September 30, 2016
  • Format: Traditional DubPoints scoring (availability, creativity, effort, publicity, value)
  • Summary: These four former champions will square off in a 2-day event to determine who current World Champion Charles Wilfong will face next month. Picking his next contender has been a long-time coming, but it seemed unlikely that all four of these participants would be willing to do a week-long deal, hence the decision to cut the match to two days and allow them to put their best foots forward. Should be interesting, considering we haven’t seen activity from many of these competitors lately.

Keep posted and tune in to DubPoints LIVE on Thursday, for all the details on these matchups, as well as an in-depth preview of the “Free-for-all” Match, and how you can get involved and earn some points to help your ranking!

DubPoints LIVE: Episode 3

Join us every Thursday at 7PM EST on the DubPoints Facebook Page for DubPoints LIVE!

Joining Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar is this week’s special guest co-host Joe Patterson.

Topics include:

  • The introduction of all the new championship belts!
  • Full breakdown of all the important DubPoints matchups
  • Recapping the first week of Fantasy Football action
  • A jam-packed viewer mailbag
  • …and much much more!

DubPoints LIVE: Episode 2

Join us every Thursday at 7PM EST on the DubPoints Facebook Page for DubPoints LIVE!

Joining Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar is this week’s special guest co-host Joe Patterson.

Topics include:

  • The first-ever DubPoints Power Rankings
  • Recap of the DubPoints Fantasy Football Draft
  • Viewer mailbag where we answer questions submitted by the public
  • An in-depth look at this month’s championship matches
  • …and much much more!

DubPoints LIVE: Episode 1

Join us every Thursday at 7PM EST on the DubPoints Facebook Page for DubPoints LIVE!

Joining Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar is this week’s special guest co-host Joe Patterson.

Topics include:

  • Rule changes for DubPoints going forward
  • Announcement of the new championships that we will be competing for
  • A sneak preview of the first-ever DubPoints Fantasy Football League
  • …and much much more!

DubPoints LIVE set to usher in new era for the game

John Wyatt Edgar has continually fluctuated how DubPoints will work going forward, but the one certainty is that there will be a weekly LIVE video webcast on Facebook.
John Wyatt Edgar has continually fluctuated how DubPoints will work going forward, but the one certainty is that there will be a weekly LIVE video webcast on Facebook.

While the state of DubPoints has been up in the air for a number of months now, it appears that consistent change will finally come in the form of DubPoints LIVE, a weekly video webcast that will be previewing, recapping, and analyzing all things contest-related going forward.

The debut episode, which will feature special guest co-host Joe Patterson alongside DubPoints Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar, is scheduled for tomorrow night at 8PM EST (Thursday, September 1) on the DubPoints Facebook page.

Several big announcements are expected to be made, including the state of Charles Wilfong’s DubPoints World Championship reign, the introduction of several new specialty championships, and some in-depth analysis on the first-ever DubPoints Fantasy Football League, which is set to begin its draft on Monday.

As someone with no experience in the DubPoints universe, Mr. Patterson is an interesting choice as the first-ever guest co-host, and should at the very least have some interesting opinions on the contest’s personalities and the new directions that Mr. Edgar is willing to take the brand.

It should, at the very least, be entertaining, and will serve as an exclusive first-look at news and announcements that have not yet been made public on the site, so be sure to check in!

Make sure to LIKE the Facebook page and feel free to send tweets during the show to @DubPoints. You may get your questions answered live on-air!

DubPoints launches Fantasy Sports division this football season

The “Fantasy Sports Championship” will have a real belt, obviously much better looking than this placeholder image.

MARTINS FERRY, OH — DubPoints Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar announced today on his Facebook page that there will be a new “Fantasy Sports” division to DubPoints, and that he will be creating a championship belt to be defended in various seasonal sports leagues, hosted through Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

The first-ever season of this new division will take place during the 2016 season of Fantasy Football, with the league winner being awarded the inaugural champion and taking home the brand-new, yet-to-be-revealed belt.

“This is an exciting time for DubPoints as we start to think outside the box of what the brand entails,” said Commissioner Edgar. “We want DubPoints to have a little something for everybody, and we already have a wide crossover audience in the fantasy sports realm due to our relationship with the RFFL (Real Fantasy Football League). We hope that we can attract some new competitors to the product who maybe aren’t interested in playing the ‘classic’ format we’ve been pushing for so long… so let’s give them a chance to excel in something that they already may do for fun.”

The current plan is to augment the fantasy football league with a fantasy hockey and fantasy baseball league in 2017, meaning that the title will be played for exclusively during the playoff months of December, April, and August. The diversity in types of sporting events also ensures an even more varied pool of potential talent.

“There’s a lot of big things coming to DubPoints, for both old and new fans alike,” Edgar iterated. “This is just the first step in what should be a very exciting journey over the next few months.”

Interestingly enough, this championship will be the first since Ohio Valley Gang Wars that the commissioner will also be eligible to compete in. The final DubPoints World Champion, Charles Wilfong, has confirmed entry into the league, as well as Nicholas Griffin and Jeff Fetty as of press time.

The online draft for the league will take place Monday, September 5, at 8PM EST. Full results will be available on the league page as well as here on