DubPoints Championship Tournament will be held September 21

Current DubPoints World Champion Charles Wilfong will be the #1 seed in a tournament that could see a new champion crowned.
Current DubPoints World Champion Charles Wilfong will be the #1 seed in a tournament that could see a new champion crowned.

DubPoints Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar announced today that the DubPoints World Championship would be up for grabs in a tournament to take place during the month of September, beginning on the 21st of that month.

Current champion Charles Wilfong, who has held the title since April, will be involved in the tournament. It is believed that he will be the tournament’s #1 overall seed as the reigning champion, but rumors are that the seeding could be randomly generated in order to ensure fresh matchups, and to go along with the sense of a “brand reboot” that Edgar has been campaigning over the last several months.

Little details are known about the tournament so far, but it is not expected that it will be called “DubPoints XIII.” The tournament will run ten days from September 21 to September 30, with each of the five single-elimination rounds lasting for only two days. The tournament will have a new, streamlined scoring system, and will put a large emphasis on live┬ásocial media interaction between the competitors and Commissioner Edgar himself. The much shorter format of the tournament appears to be built around the idea that it could be taking place more often than on an annual basis, as it has been since 2012.

Wilfong is expected to hang on to the DubPoints World Championship belt, regardless of the outcome, as there are plans for a new belt to be commissioned by Edgar for the tournament. It is also believed that the title of the championship could change, but that it would specifically keep the title lineage of the current World Championship.

More details are expected to be released towards the end of next week. In addition to the DubPoints Fantasy Sports Championship announced next week, two more titles are also expected to be announced in the coming months, tentatively planned to be a Board Games and “Ghoul Pool” Championship, respectively.

DubPoints launches Fantasy Sports division this football season

The “Fantasy Sports Championship” will have a real belt, obviously much better looking than this placeholder image.

MARTINS FERRY, OH — DubPoints Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar announced today on his Facebook page that there will be a new “Fantasy Sports” division to DubPoints, and that he will be creating a championship belt to be defended in various seasonal sports leagues, hosted through Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

The first-ever season of this new division will take place during the 2016 season of Fantasy Football, with the league winner being awarded the inaugural champion and taking home the brand-new, yet-to-be-revealed belt.

“This is an exciting time for DubPoints as we start to think outside the box of what the brand entails,” said Commissioner Edgar. “We want DubPoints to have a little something for everybody, and we already have a wide crossover audience in the fantasy sports realm due to our relationship with the RFFL (Real Fantasy Football League). We hope that we can attract some new competitors to the product who maybe aren’t interested in playing the ‘classic’ format we’ve been pushing for so long… so let’s give them a chance to excel in something that they already may do for fun.”

The current plan is to augment the fantasy football league with a fantasy hockey and fantasy baseball league in 2017, meaning that the title will be played for exclusively during the playoff months of December, April, and August. The diversity in types of sporting events also ensures an even more varied pool of potential talent.

“There’s a lot of big things coming to DubPoints, for both old and new fans alike,” Edgar iterated. “This is just the first step in what should be a very exciting journey over the next few months.”

Interestingly enough, this championship will be the first since Ohio Valley Gang Wars that the commissioner will also be eligible to compete in. The final DubPoints World Champion, Charles Wilfong, has confirmed entry into the league, as well as Nicholas Griffin and Jeff Fetty as of press time.

The online draft for the league will take place Monday, September 5, at 8PM EST. Full results will be available on the league page as well as here on dubpoints.com.