Joe Patterson wins first OVGW season held since 2007

Joe Patterson claimed his first OVGW Championship and third title overall on Tuesday.
Joe Patterson claimed his first OVGW Championship and third title overall on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, January 29, 2018, Joe Patterson defeated Justine Mentzer in the finals of the 13th season of Ohio Valley Gang Wars. This was the culmination of the first season of OVGW to be held since 2007, and marks Patterson’s third overall championship in the world of DubPoints.

30 players competed in a 24-game season that lasted the entire month of January, with 16 participants advancing to a playoff held on January 29. Season 14 will begin on Thursday, February 1.

Full Results

First Round

  • (8) James Jasinski def. (1) Joe Klier, 158-113
  • (4) Ryan Nagy def. (5) Charles Bursee, 180-164
  • (6) Spencer Conner def. (3) Rafe Haddox, 168-142
  • (2) Joe Patterson def. (7) Mike Kendjorsky, 279-105
  • (8) Donnie Yeager def. (1) Charles Wilfong, 178-177
  • (5) Eric Hersey def. (4) Ryan Church, 143-95
  • (3) Justine Mentzer def. (6) Nicholas Griffin, 154-149
  • (2) Nicholas Levi def. (7) Ryan Hunker, 157-147

Second Round

  • (8) James Jasinski def. (4) Ryan Nagy, 153-140
  • (2) Joe Patterson def. (6) Spencer Conner, 165-143
  • (8) Donnie Yeager def. (5) Eric Hersey, 222-167
  • (3) Justine Mentzer def. (2) Nicholas Levi, 182-144


  • (2) Joe Patterson def. (8) James Jasinski, 257-122
  • (3) Justine Mentzer def. (8) Donnie Yeager, 287-91


  • (2) Joe Patterson def. (3) Justine Mentzer, 206-141

More details emerge regarding Gang Wars revival

We don’t have to wait too long for the rebirth of Ohio Valley Gang Wars as DubPoints Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar already announced that it would be returning in January 2018. But we didn’t have a whole lot of details other than that. As we approach a busy end of the year schedule, some concrete details have emerged about Mr. Edgar’s oldest and possibly weirdest tradition.

The return of Gang Wars is not a one-off. Edgar is planning on making this a full-blown division of DubPoints with its own champion. The plan is to have a season every month during the 2018 year, meaning there will be twelve opportunities to win the championship. It will, alongside the Fantasy Sports championship, not be defended in one-on-one contests, and will be exempt from Dubby in the Bank cash-in rules.

The field will be larger, but the schedule will be shorter. Traditional Gang Wars seasons comprised of 16 players during an 18-game regular season, followed by 3 playoff rounds. The field will be much larger this time around: 30 players encompassing 6 divisions in 2 conferences, but the regular season will only feature 12 games. The playoffs will consist of 4 rounds, and feature 10 of the 30-contestant field every month.Ttygh

All 30 players have already been selected for 2018. Edgar has vetted 30 top players for this new project, and will feature a fine mix of both old and new competitors to Gang Wars. The plan is for competitors to remain for every season played in 2018, with no expansion considerations until after at least one year is in the books. The announcement of who all is participating, as well as division alignments (which will also be semi-permanent) should be announced in the coming week or so.

There will be a draft for the first season of 2018. The draft will take place over the course of December and will be four rounds. Edgar is still trying to determine how the draft order will be decided, and it may be decided in a live Facebook broadcast. Players will have the option to autodraft a team, but their team will remain static throughout all of 2018, making this particular draft important.

The Gang Wars Championship will involve more luck than any other title in the brand. Gang Wars has always been a crapshoot, an elaborate lottery devised by Edgar with results that came from statistics that weren’t even based in reality. This time, he has assured there will be a lot more transparency, but there will still be a lot of virtual dice rolling in determining the monthly results.

Keep checking back later in the week as more details on the return of Gang Wars become available!

Massive championship unification planned

internet-beltPiggybacking off of yesterday’s announcement that Ohio Valley Gang Wars would be re-debuting in 2018, details emerged today about a massive championship unification match that will help make way for the new division, as well as how the lineages of each will be handled.

The Tag Team Championship will be unified with the Internet Championship in an 8-person mini-tournament, following head-to-head challenge rules. It will not be a traiditonal DubPoints scoring tournament, but will instead feature various challenges as determined by THE WHEEL. The participants will include:

  • Nicholas Levi (current Internet Champion)
  • Ryan Church (current co-Tag Team Champion)
  • Eric Hersey (current co-Tag Team Champion)
  • Donnie Yeager (#1 contender to the Internet Championship)
  • Desi Lekanudos (#2 contender to the Internet Championship)
  • Nicholas Griffin (co-#1 contender to the Tag Team Championship)
  • Brad Uhrig (co-#1 contender to the Tag Team Championship)
  • Charles Wilfong (co-#1 contender to the Tag Team Championship)

The winner of this tournament, slated to begin on Sunday, November 26, will be the sole DubPoints Internet Champion. Former winners of both the Internet Championship and the Tag Team Championship will fall under the lineage of the newly-reformed title. The tag team belts will be retired and repurposed for use in the new Gang Wars Division.

Edgar prepared a statement:

“While the tag team division has been an important part of DubPoints in the last year or so, we recognize that the demand is more for chasing our singles titles. In making this unification happen, we will be preventing our competitors from suffering from ‘belt overload’ when OVGW makes its return at the beginning of the year.”

One of the premises behind this is that OVGW will be guaranteed to have a championship match every single month, while the Internet Championship sees significantly less activity over the year. Edgar is planning on rebranding and rotating the two retired tag team belts to the two most recent champions of OVGW, facilitating the delivery of them in a timely fashion, something that has been criticized in recent months.

It’s also heavily speculated that both the Internet and Ohio Valley Championships will be getting their own “identities” soon — a specific manner in which they are defended which will make all four of the championships “separate but equal.”

Edgar continued, “We know that there are competitors out there who want different opportunities. While for some, the goal will be to win as many championships as possible in each of our five divisions, we also recognize there are competitors who may want to focus specifically on one division or two — we hear you, and will be addressing it soon.”

Ohio Valley Gang Wars will return in 2018

OVGWA decade after its folding to make way for what would eventually become DubPoints, John Wyatt Edgar’s Ohio Valley Gang Wars is set to make a return for what will be its 13th season of play (and first since 2007) in January of 2018.

The league, a “fantasy sports” league based on no real sports whatsoever, will feature multiple players go head-to-head over the course of a month’s span to see who’s team reigns supreme.

The classic OVGW league was based around 16 owners drafting various local “celebrities” with varying statistics. These statistics then used a proprietary formula created by Edgar to be arbitrarily awarded points in each matchup, something that came down to more luck than probably everything else. Owners who actively participated more were typically given additional variables that might stack the deck in their favor, but this varied from season-to-season.

This news is the first official announcement coming from several rumors out of DubPoints HQ in the past several weeks. Former Gang Wars champions had previously been retroactively recognized as DubPoints World Champions until recently, when they were quietly moved under the lineage of last year’s newly-created Internet Championship instead. What’s more confusing is that the current Tag Team Championship was originally referred to as the Gang Wars Championship, leading to some uncertainty as to how former and future champions of this new division will be recognized.

It is expected that Edgar will be inviting many former OVGW players to participate in its first season back, and that the league will also be expanded from its traditional 16-person format to something a tad larger. Edgar went into some detail over the decision-making process and what can we expect:

“The popularity of THE WHEEL in our matches the last few months led us to believe that there is a segment of our fanbase that would like to see competitions involving little-to-no-effort, and ones highly-based in random probabilities. We are resurrecting Ohio Valley Gang Wars to fill that niche, while also injecting some more real competition into our other divisions for 2018.”

Ryan Hunker, a 2-time OVGW champion, won both the inaugural and the most recent seasons of the "league."
Ryan Hunker, a 2-time OVGW champion, won both the inaugural and the most recent seasons of the “league.”

Edgar did not have every detail worked out at press time, and did not elaborate completely on what form the new season of OVGW will take. “It will be a little bit different,” Edgar said in an interview. “The core structure of the season and individual matchups will remain largely the same.”

Edgar also teased at some “promising announcements” for the Ohio Valley and Internet divisions would be coming, presumably to give them their own identity as well.

“The DubPoints Universe and its larger circle have held some interesting contests over the years, whether they be Gang Wars, Ohio Valley Beer Pong, Yahtzee Tournaments, the new Fantasy Sports Division, and a bunch of other one-offs and other events. Bringing back OVGW is the first step in recognizing the entirety of our history, and making sure we can provide something for everyone.”

Keep checking back for more details on this and other announcements.

D-1 Fall Classic will begin on October 8

D-1 Header

A tournament speculated for months has officially been announced, and is happening very soon.

Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar wasted no time in October announcing the D-1 Fall Classic ’17, a mid-year tournament that will bring back the traditional DubPoints scoring system for two weeks under a different format of play, and will be for Joe Klier’s World Championship.

Klier will ultimately defend his title in mid-October against 5 other challengers (one of which will be Brad Uhrig) under traditional scoring rules. But finding out the other four can be somewhat tricky. Let’s walk you through all you need to know about this new tournament.

Joe Klier will have a huge challenge this month, defending the World Championship against five other finalists.
Joe Klier will have a huge challenge this month, defending the World Championship against five other finalists.

Format & Dates

The round-robin preliminaries will commence on Sunday, October 8 and last daily through Monday, October 16.
The six-person all-play finals will begin on Tuesday, October 17 and last daily through Saturday, October 21.

In the “round-robin preliminaries”, competitors will play against a new opponent every day for nine days. The 40-person field will be broken up into four 10-person blocks, meaning that every participant will play every other person in their block once and only once.

In the “all-play finals”, the six finalists will go at each other in a cumulative scoring 5-day event to determine the DubPoints World Champion.


For this event, scoring will briefly return to the traditional categorical format of classic DubPoints tournaments of the past. There are 5 categories to make note of, each of which is weighted equally:

  • Availability: simply put, this is a category which scores direct interaction with Mr. Edgar during the tournament, or reasonable attempts to interact with him. It is based on the amount of time spent doing the above activities during the course of play.
  • Creativity: this is a measure of unique output, entertainment value, fun factor, and any other general uniqueness related to the actions of a competitor. It is the most subjective category as Mr. Edgar generally makes judgment calls here.
  • Effort: a measure of the amount of time performing contest-exclusive activities. Generally speaking, effort is calculated as the time spent in order to fulfill any of the other four categories.
  • Publicity: a loose measure of how much positive attention a competitor brings to themselves or the brand. Criticism and negative attention sometimes also count, unless it is legitimately detrimental to the contest.
  • Value: the estimated monetary cost in performing any action related to the contest. Direct bribes of any nature also fall under this category, though they are discouraged and usually don’t help out the other categories.

At the end of each day of scoring, competitors will be ranked 1st to 40th in each of the 5 categories and will receive a number of points corresponding to their rank (1st=40 points, 2nd=39 points, 3rd=38 points, etc.). The maximum number of points a contestant can earn each day is 200; the minimum is 5.

Brad Uhrig gave up a one-on-one title shot last month to Nick Griffin, but still gets a pass into the finals for now.
Brad Uhrig gave up a one-on-one title shot last month to Nick Griffin, but still gets a pass into the finals for now.

In the finals, which will only consist of six people, competitors will be given 1-40 points in each category as determined by the Commissioner, adding an additional level of subjectivity for the round.

Scoring Window

The scoring window for each day will begin at 12:01 AM EST of that day, and end at 10:00 PM EST. This is to give Mr. Edgar appropriate time to score and announce the results before the next window.


The overall winners of each of the four 10-person blocks will advance to the finals of the tournament. The winner of each block will be the person who has accumulated the best head-to-head records (in wins, losses, and ties) against the 9 other people in their block.

In the event of a tie for the block winner, the following tiebreakers will be used in this order:

  1. winner of previous head-to-head matchup
  2. if tied, total overall points scored in preliminaries
  3. if still tied, Mr. Edgar will spin the wheel

It is very unlikely that we would go past the first level of tiebreaking for this event.


The four winners of the 10-person blocks will be put in a six-person field with current champion Joe Klier and current #1 contender Brad Uhrig. Those six people will participate in a five-day cumulative scoring event, where the person with the most points at the end of those five days will be declared DubPoints World Champion.


The winner of the tournament will be declared DubPoints World Champion. They will receive the official championship belt and will be expected to defend the championship on a monthly, one-on-one basis beginning in November.

In addition, Mr. Edgar will be putting together literal “boxes of random stuff” for all six finalists. The stuff will be subjectively better or worse based on their final positioning in the tournament.

Lastly, future title shots for all four main championships will be largely dictated by performances in this tournament, even for those who do not win and/or make the finals. Thus, playing your best helps your odds at a future one-on-one championship match, even if you don’t reach the end goal of winning this particular event right now. So try your best!


Commissioner Edgar will be revealing the entire 40-person field, along with block assignments, on Thursday, October 5, at 8PM on his Facebook page.

He will also announce the full schedule for the round-robin portion the following day, and it will be posted here on

Keep posted for more information!

Kendjorsky “next in line” for title opportunity

Mike Kendjorsky has emerged as a top personality in DubPoints and is currently in the hunt for his first Fantasy Sports Championship.
Mike Kendjorsky has emerged as a top personality in DubPoints and is currently in the hunt for his first Fantasy Sports Championship.

With no official public ranking of DubPoints competitors available, contestants are often left wondering when, or even if, they will receive a one-on-one championship opportunity for one of the four main titles. Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar made the looking glass a little less cloudy today, when he confirmed that Michael Kendjorsky is “next in line” for a title shot.

It’s really too early to tell what this means, but it’s looking quite possible that he would get a title shot in October. Kendjorsky narrowly missed out on taking the Ohio Valley Championship from Joe Patterson earlier in the year, and a spin of the DubPoints Wheel left him short in having this month’s tag team opportunity against Brad Uhrig and Charles Wilfong. However, he has remained a dedicated competitor and, along with Vince Levi, is one of only two players to make the playoffs in all four fantasy sports leagues this year.

With Edgar also confirming that the D-1 Classic Tournament would be held in October for the World Championship, it is likely that Kendjorsky will get a shot at one of the other three titles (though he will undoubtedly qualify for the tournament as well). The championship opportunity is not a guarantee; however should any of the other current title holders win out this month, Kendjorsky would be the next up.

Quite simply that means that either Joe Patterson, Donnie Yeager, or Uhrig/Wilfong must retain in their matches at the end of the month, and Kendjorsky would be the next top contender for one of those titles. In the unlikely, but possible, event where all three champions would lose, their opponents would have automatic rematch clauses invoked for November. That would put him on the backburner for at least another month.

The good news? The statistical probability of the Ohio Valley, Internet, and Tag Team Championships all changing hands at the end of this month is about 13%, meaning that Kendjorsky has a near 90% chance of getting a title shot next month. The bad news? The Wheel has been unkind to him the last few months and luck may not be on his side.

Keep checking back for more news and updates!

Hersey to return to DubPoints, will tag with Church

Eric Hersey's dominance in 2012-2013 had many viewing him as the "heart and soul" of the DubPoints tournament.
Eric Hersey’s dominance in 2012-2013 had many viewing him as the “heart and soul” of the DubPoints tournament.

The talent pool of DubPoints got a little bit deeper on Monday, with the announcement that 2-time World Champion Eric Hersey would be making a return to the brand to partner with Ryan Church in a Tag Team Championship match against Brad Uhrig and Charles Wilfong this month.

The scheduled matchup will mark Hersey’s first championship match since 2013. He had become increasingly less of a factor in recent major DubPoints events before expressing his unwillingness to participate under the new “championship belt” format (aside from appearances in the Fantasy Sports division).

The move is seen as a big get by Church, who is going after his first championship. It also opens up a lot of possibilities for Hersey to work more with the brand. Hersey had increased his activity in the fantasy sports division in the past few weeks, leading to rampant speculation that he was mulling a return to the brand which he helped shape.

During Hersey’s two-plus years on top, he elevated the annual DubPoints Tournament to unforeseen heights through high-profile rivalries with Spencer Conner and Luke Bumbico. The DubPoints X “Invasion Angle” is widely regarded as the pinnacle of his DubPoints career, even though it was cut short by Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar’s decision to halt the tournament midway through to cope with personal issues.

Hersey would emerge again en route to a three-peat in DubPoints XI, and despite putting out arguably the best-produced content of his career, he was eliminated early by eventual champion Lance Delbrugge, who at the time was getting some criticism for his “old school hanging out with Dub” style of play. A similar fate befell Hersey in DubPoints XII and a surprising first-round exit in DubPoints XIII seemed to mark the end of the line for the brand’s then greatest spectacle.

Ryan Church will be tagging with Hersey to go after his first-ever championship this month. The two partners have a mutual respect and a similar palette of incredible talent.
Ryan Church will be tagging with Hersey to go after his first-ever championship this month. The two partners have a mutual respect and a similar palette of incredible talent.

Longtime fans of the brand will see Hersey’s return as long overdue, but the current field of champions has to be a little on edge, considering the D-1 Tournament (a mid-year alternative to the traditional DubPoints contest) is next month and this certainly guarantees him entry. Many also consider Hersey the first domino to potentially drop in a line of potential returns, particularly big names like Luke Bumbico, Spencer Conner, and Cheryl Harrison.

Due to the best-of-seven daily challenge of the tag team championship match, we likely won’t see Hersey hit peak tournament form anytime soon (especially with fantasy football in full swing), but a possible championship run along with hopefully some active participation in the D-1 would go far to whet the fans’ appetite for a full-caliber DubPoints XIV run in 2018. Edgar has stated that his plan for next year’s field of 64 was to get as many big names actively participating as possible, and this could be the first step in a months-long build to an epic tournament in April.

Patterson reclaims Ohio Valley Championship in Yahtzee series

Joe Patterson becomes the first person to have won the Ohio Valley Championship on two occasions.
Joe Patterson becomes the first person to have won the Ohio Valley Championship on two occasions.

In the first title defense since Allen Lewis won the DubPoints Ohio Valley Championship in January, Joe Patterson emerged victorious in a best-of-five Yahtzee series that saw him reclaim the title for the 2nd time.

Patterson ended Lewis’s 203-day reign as belt-holder 3 games to 1, playing in a contest that was not only streamed live for the entire DubPoints audience to see, but also in a game that Patterson supposedly had no previous experience in.

The contest also marked a welcome return to form for Lewis, who despite the loss, finally made his grand return after months of certainty, firmly cementing his foot inside the door of multiple monthly championship scenes.

Patterson won games 1 and 2 largely in part to scoring Yahtzees on his very first turn, and despite also scoring one in the third game, Lewis was able to narrowly beat him to hold on to hope. Game 4 was a much more decisive victory for Patterson, who became the only person to get the “upper section bonus” in any of the four games to seal his victory.

Both players actually played incredibly well. Lewis had sound strategy in mind, and Patterson made good choices despite his inexperience. Luck came into play slightly more than you’d expect in a Yahtzee series (which is a lot), with Lewis suffering multiple rolls towards the end with no kind of consistency between the dice. Patterson made good moves, but also missed out on several scoring opportunities.

Contest Lewis Patterson
Game 1 191 254
Game 2 229 245
Game 3 260 230
Game 4 192 271

After this contest, the contestants will look on to the future. Both Patterson and Lewis will be involved in the 18-person tournament for the Internet Championship later this week. Going forward, Patterson is set to defend the Ohio Valley Championship in a multi-person board game format in September. Lewis, as the #1 contender with a due rematch clause, will be exempted into the final grouping of any tournament that would take place, meaning he will at least have a shot at the belt next month.

Klier wins 2nd-ever Dubby in the Bank Contract

Joe Klier has a belt and a briefcase, and looks to be a prominent figure in various title pictures for months to come.
Joe Klier has a belt and a briefcase, and looks to be a prominent figure in various title pictures for months to come.

In a scenario that many hoping to get close to the World Championship picture must dread, incumbent champ Joe Klier was announced as the holder of the “Dubby in the Bank” briefcase on Friday, just days before he will defend his title in a unification match with champion Brad Uhrig.

The unlikely scenario, which was the result of a spin of Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar’s Wheel of Chaos, saw Klier obtain the briefcase and contract from a pool of 30 different competitors (including Uhrig). In the process, he became only the second person to ever win the contract (after Lance Delbrugge in 2016, who unsuccessfully cashed in on Klier earlier this year) as well as the first person to be simultaneously holding a DubPoints championship at the same time.

Klier’s options as holder of this precious contract open up immensely. He can cash in the contract at any time between August 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018 — almost an entire year. He might possibly keep it in his back pocket through at least August, in the event that he loses the unification match against Uhrig. The contract gives him an at-will title shot at any DubPoints champion of his choosing, in a classic 24-hour scoring format.

The element of surprise can also be used with the briefcase. It is possible Klier decides to go after another championship while holding his current World title. He would be able to set the time and date of the match, which would only be announced to his opponent (as well as the public) the moment the match actually starts.

Yet another option exists where he foregoes his contract shot for a spin at the aforementioned Wheel, which could randomly land on one of the four championships for an instant win. This would put all other champions in DubPoints on notice, but there is also about a 30% chance that he would land on either a wedge that awards him no title at all, or the one that he currently holds, so there is some risk there.

Brad Uhrig, who holds a share of both the World and Tag titles, may still have to contend with Klier if he wins his unification match next month.
Brad Uhrig, who holds a share of both the World and Tag titles, may still have to contend with Klier if he wins his unification match next month.

Whatever Klier decides to do, he has plenty of time. The 11-month window to actually use the contract is quite generous and should keep his peers on their toes for quite some time. His actions are nothing but unpredictable, so he is an exciting fit for the briefcase… even if it makes the main title picture extremely difficult for anyone else to penetrate right now.

The World Championship unification match between Klier and Uhrig begins on Tuesday, August 1, and will be a best-of-thirty-one series of random daily challenges decided by the wheel.

Stay posted for further updates.

World Championship Unification Series will begin August 1

It’s taken us some time to get to this point, but the unification match for the DubPoints World Championship is going to begin in just about a week, and it’s going to be epic.

The new and improved wheel will contain 30 possibilities for every round of the match.
The new and improved wheel will contain 30 possibilities for every round of the match.

After long negotiations with both competitors and difficulties in finding both common ground and handling logistics, Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar have determined that co-champions Joe Klier and Brad Uhrig will face off in a best-of-thirty-one series, with a new “mini-contest” taking place every 24 hours.

Each of the mini-contests will begin at 8PM EST daily, and will require some form of response by both competitors within a 24-hour window. The first contestant to get to 16 victories will be the undisputed DubPoints World Champion, as the old belt (currently held by Klier) will then be retired.

Edgar will be doing a live stream on Facebook daily to announce what the contest is. He will invoke the usage of his brand new, 30-slot prize wheel to randomly select the stipulation for each day. There is a possibility that some contests may appear more than once, and some will probably not appear at all. While all the options showcasing the full range of the wheel has not yet been announced, some of the examples will probably include:

  • DubPoints and JWE-themed trivia questions about things currently residing about his household
  • Contest and skill challenges revolving around Commissioner Edgar’s cats (i.e. which cat will poop first)
  • Simulation on sports or other one-on-one video games (where each player will chose an AI representative and the results will be streamed live)
  • Small-scale contests of skill voted on by the general public (haikus, photoshops, memes)
  • The wheel itself
The new belt design features custom sideplates and will replace the classic World Championship going forward.
The new belt design features custom sideplates and will replace the classic World Championship going forward.

None of the options listed on the wheel will require in-person appearances by either competitors, and they will have a full 24 hours to submit their entry for the daily contest. It will be an important test of endurance, and one that will need to be checked up on daily by both players… a failure to submit their required information within the 24-hour window will result in a forfeiture of that round.

Join Commissioner Edgar on Tuesday, August 1, at 8 PM EST, for the first spin of the wheel, and the first step in deciding who will lay undisputed claim to the World Championship!