League of Nothing kicks off February 15!

The first-ever tournament for the League of Nothing reboot begins on February 15 at 8PM (EST) and will conclude with the Championship Game on March 18 at 8PM (EST).

The 32 teams have been broken up into two conferences, each of which has four divisions. Many of the teams have been placed in these divisions based on geographical location. The Buckeye Conference generally features teams west and north of the Ohio River, while the Mountaineer Conference features teams to the east and south of it. Each conference has a North, South, East, and West division with four teams each.

The four teams have been randomly seeded within their division. Likewise, the four divisions and two conferences have also been randomly seeded. Following this season, the tournament layout will change slightly to ensure fairness (as higher seeds will tend to get more home games). Some of this will be based on performance in the previous tournament.

Games will be simulated and recorded using the pro football simulator Pro Strategy Football 2022. Rules will mimic the rules of professional football as they exist current day.

All 31 games of the tournament will be uploaded to the League of Nothing YouTube channel at 8PM (EST) every night of the season, with official results posted here on the website shortly thereafter. This will allow people the option of watching the full game live, or just skipping through and seeing the highlights a little later on.

There are plans to add stats and records to the site, but those will likely not appear until after the conclusion of the first tournament. The stats are being stored as games progress so that we can archive them here later.

We chose to go a tournament route instead of a full season (with playoffs), simply because of the amount of time it takes. We want to be able to hold this event a few times a year, and also give teams the opportunity to make tweaks or overhauls to change their playstyle and methodology in between tournaments. Believe it or not, there is a little bit of strategy and skill involved and it is not just completely “random.”

Feel free to check out the “Bracket” and “Schedule” tabs for dates and times of all games going forward. And check back on the site as the other sections begin to get populated as well.

Good luck everyone in this amazing reboot of the League of Nothing!