Sunday Morning Roundup: May 6, 2018

It’s already been a few weeks since the first edition of the Sunday Morning Roundup, but a lot has transpired in the championship pictures of DubPoints, particularly in the last few days. Let’s recap all six title pictures for you and give some insight into where we are going next!

W_ThumbWorld Championship

Following Joe Patterson’s victory in a Fatal 4-way match for Brad Uhrig’s World Championship, Patterson now sits alone at the top of the brand. He still owes Uhrig a contractually obligated one-on-one rematch at some point over the next month. While that has not been officially scheduled, all signs indicate this may very well be the “Salty Bet Challenge” that Uhrig originally wanted, though anything is subject to change at this point.

It’s still unknown when the match will take place, but expect those details to be hammered out this week, as summer schedules and vacations always throw a wrench in DubPoints match plans at this time of the year.

The two are setting up for a potential back-and-forth feud over the next few months, but only if Uhrig can capture the title back in this next match. As we will elaborate further along in the article, there is already a surprise top contender waiting in the wings if Patterson can retain by vanquishing Uhrig.

IC_ThumbInternet Championship

Mike Kendjorsky captured the Internet Championship last month in a match featuring about a dozen competitors, dethroning the former champ (and current #1 contender) Donnie Yeager. The contest, which was a WWE PPV Prediction Challenge, looks to be the standard for this division going forward, at least for now. Kendjorsky will now defend the title against the former champ in a one-on-one match that takes place tonight, when they try to correctly predict the results of the WWE Backlash PPV.

The move of this belt to a prediction-based contest has also opened up opportunities elsewhere. Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar has opened this month’s contest up to the general public (though only Kendjorsky and Yeager are eligible for the title) as part of a multi-pronged approach to have an objective scoring/qualification system for other contests. More on that as well, further in the article.

A Yeager win today would see yet another rematch between these two next month. If Kendjorsky retains, the rumor is that Edgar has already decided a #1 contender for the title in Yeager’s wake.

OV_ThumbOhio Valley Championship

Following the controversy that was the first match for the Ohio Valley belt contested under YTR rules, Michael Clyde is now the holder of this prestigious belt, but owes Mike Kendjorsky a rematch in the next 30 days. It looks like it’s going to be difficult to schedule, but Commissioner Edgar should be pushing for some answers this week as to when and where this will take place, and, more importantly, if the commissioner can be physically present for it.

Clyde’s dominance in this contest over the years has to make him the favorite to retain, though a win-back by Kendjorsky (who could again be holding two belts by the end of the month) is not out of the question. Logic would dictate that Jared Bloom would be the next in line on the contendership ladder, but it’s not a sure thing, as there are questions whether he can hold up in another marathon match. He would still likely get the nod for next month if Clyde retains while Edgar builds up a strong contender list behind him over the next couple of months.

BG_ThumbBoard Game Championship

The long-awaited Board Game Championship finally made its debut on Thursday, when Lance Delbrugge defeated Chris Dominquez in the finals of a 16-person Yahtzee tournament for the inaugural title.

The finals, which were contested live on Facebook as a best-of-5 series, saw Delbrugge earn his 6th overall DubPoints title, 3 games to 1. Dominquez trailed 2-0 early on, but won Game 3 and was building a lot of momentum towards forcing a Game 5 rubber match, but a wild and crazy sequence of lucky bounces and roles allowed Delbrugge to hold on to a slim Game 4 margin and capture the championship.

Commissioner Edgar stated that his goal for the belt is for it to be defended in multi-person matches on a regular basis. Delbrugge would get to pick the game for his first title defense, so expect that announcement this week. Dominquez has at least one title shot this month, or whenever he is able to take it. Nicholas Griffin and Charles Wilfong have been announced as the other two people in line for the title, so it’s possible Delbrugge takes on all three this month, if they are available.

31402972_833863304974_7938450575035727872_nGang Wars Championship

A month ago, it looked like Gang Wars was going to be cancelled or undergo some major revisions, but it returned for a 16th season a couple of weeks ago. The surprise winner this time was the debuting Brittany Kendjorsky, who defeated Rodney Gentile in the playoff final. This followed a season which saw two people (Jim Jasinski and a debuting Mike Markus) set a record for most regular season wins with 21, only to be ousted in the first round in both of their matches.

As a result of Kendjorsky’s win, she was named as the next World Championship contender, following the results of the Patterson-Uhrig match. It remains to be seen if this will be a one-on-one matchup, but it probably will be unless the two most recent champions trade the title back and forth all summer amidst a bunch of rematch clauses. It’s unknown whether the next winner of the league will be afforded the same opportunity.

Season XVII is expected to begin in late May, and Commissioner Edgar is already teasing some major changes. It would appear that the results of the WWE Backlash Prediction Challenge will have some influence on scoring, and that there could be a major influx of new talent. That in itself could mean one of two things — we see some low-performing competitors on their way out, or the field just gets that much bigger.

One of the things that former World Champion Charles Wilfong suggested last month was to send out some kind of monthly survey, the results of which would have an impact on statistics and scoring. Edgar seems to have already done this with the PPV survey people filled out this week, but it’s also likely something else will be sent out before the season kicks off. The field of players should be announced in the next few days.

Fantasy Sports Championship

In the slowest part of the year, Fantasy Baseball is still in its infancy. However, Edgar has ordered plaques for the winners of all previous leagues and should be distributing them over the next couple of weeks, as well as belts to anyone who is owed them.

The belt is undergoing a re-design at this stage and it will be the same for every Fantasy Sports Championship, regardless of league. It will also be black instead of white for the foreseeable future.

The rumor still going around is that all of the DubPoints Fantasy leagues will accommodate 30 participants, beginning with football in the fall.

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