Wilfong becomes dual champion over 36-hour span

Charles Wilfong, whose World Championship reign a couple years ago set the gold standard, added two more titles towards his Grand Slam aspirations.
Charles Wilfong, whose World Championship reign a couple years ago set the gold standard, added two more titles towards his Grand Slam aspirations.


It was a weekend showered in gold for longtime DubPoints fan favorite Charles Wilfong, who captured both the Board Game and Internet Championships this past weekend, the latter in surprising fashion.

A scheduled Board Game title defense for inaugural champ Lance Delbrugge did not go in his favor, losing swiftly in a series of Battleship to Wilfong, in a livestreamed event emanating from Wintersville, OH, on Saturday afternoon.

Wilfong indicated he would be happy to defend the belt in a game of Risk for his next title shot, though Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar informed him that he would be looking at a likely multi-person scenario in such a match if it was scheduled over the next 30 days. The two agreed to table the talks for a few days to let Sunday’s long-awaited Internet Championship showdown between Donnie Yeager and Rodney Gentile take place.

But something interesting happened a few hours before the match began — Wilfong indicated that he was willing to put up his newly-won Board Game Championship as collateral to enter as a Triple Threat entrant in an Extreme Rules Pick’em Challenge against Yeager and Gentile. If Wilfong were to lose, he would vacate the title, and Edgar would proceed with holding a second Yahtzee tournament for the vacant belt in August. If he won, he would keep both belts.

Michael Clyde opted to vacate the Ohio Valley Championship for the good of DubPoints.
Michael Clyde opted to vacate the Ohio Valley Championship for the good of DubPoints.

The four-and-a-half hour ordeal started with Wilfong falling behind early, but a series of great picks against his opponents allowed him to mathematically clinch the Internet Championship with a fourth of the card left, doubling his all-time championship total to 4 in the span of just under two days. As part of the agreement, Edgar also counted the match as Wilfong’s next title defense, and will not require him to defend the belt until at least September 1, though anything could change. He will be defending the Internet Championship, however, over SummerSlam weekend in a 10-person mega-matchup.


Following illness and an inability to get a scheduled match between Michael Clyde and Jared Bloom going for the Ohio Valley Championship, current champion Clyde has offered to vacate the belt rather than see it go undefended, an honorable proposition that creates a wide-open and uncertain scenario.

Plans had been in the works for a multiple-person mini-tournament for the championship in August in the game of beer pong, but many contestants and critics have pointed out that relegating the belt solely to defenses of this type walls the belt off from many potential candidates, and infringes too much on the credibility of the historical Ohio Valley Beer Pong league.

As of this writing, Edgar has not officially accepted Clyde’s offer to vacate, and there exists many options on the table. One of which is simply to delay the Clyde-Bloom match and ensure that it takes place. Another is to proceed with a tournament for a vacant title. Yet another situation involves holding a completely different event entirely for the vacant belt. A possible scenario even exists where two contenders would compete for the belt in beer pong but would be narrowed down using some other type of contest… everything is up in the air at that point.

Regardless, look for the title picture to be sorted out sometime over the next few weeks.


A scheduled rematch of current World Champion Brad Uhrig against the former champ Joe Patterson was scheduled to take place early this month, but has fallen into a holding pattern, leading many in the DubPoints universe to question why it should take place at all considering the circumstances.

Patterson is owed a contractual rematch, but the sticking point is that no matter who comes out ahead in a one-on-one battle, both would be a part of a proposed 10-person DubPoints match using a new scoring system in August, giving only a 20% chance that September rolls in with either one as champion. Granted, these are two of the biggest personalities in the brand, and Uhrig’s accolades outnumber virtually everybody at this point.

Uhrig is at a crossroads here, too. He obviously wants to hold on to the belt as long as possible, and have a rematch on his terms. If Edgar cedes to his will or cancels the match, both are to Uhrig’s benefit. The thing working against him, however, is that if he loses the title sometime over the next few months, he doesn’t have many current in-roads to a title picture aside from a contractual rematch clause. He has not fared well in Gang Wars since the reboot, a contest which is becoming more and more integral to determining title shots. That’s not to say that he can’t turn that around at any given moment.

Regardless, we have the potential to see multiple title changes over the next few weeks, making the rest of the summer an interesting one for DubPoints.

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