Brand new Video Game Championship will headline August Anarchy event

The WHEEL makes its long-awaited return, and will determine up to 20% of the World Championship scores in August.
The WHEEL makes its long-awaited return, and will determine up to 20% of the World Championship scores in August.

With Season XIX of Ohio Valley Gang Wars in the books, and scrapped plans for July in two scheduled one-on-one title matches, the focus now shifts to August, a month that Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar has promised will be nothing short of wild. So much so, that he is calling the month’s series of events “August Anarchy.”

In addition to Season XX of Gang Wars, three of the four existing major championships will be on the line in up to 20-person matchups (The Board Game Championship will not be on the line this month). Also, a brand new championship widely rumored but never before seen will be up for grabs, called the Video Game Championship.

The list of contestants for each series of matches is still being finalized, but it appears that we will see the following events take place.

World Championship (currently held by Brad Uhrig)
It appears that a new spin on the traditional DubPoints scoring system is in the works, and we will see it debut in a 9-day long elimination match with 10 participants. Uhrig and current #1 contender Joe Patterson are confirmed to be involved, as are everyone who has won Gang Wars this year, leaving a couple open slots yet to be confirmed.

The premise of the match will involve all eligible contestants submitting some kind of information on a daily basis. Scoring will be graded in five equal parts — speed, accuracy, wisdom, influence, and random chance. Players will have direct control of their own fate in three of these categories (speed, accuracy, wisdom), will be able to determine other’s fate in one of them (influence), and will rely on the famous WHEEL on a daily basis to fill out the last fifth of their score. It should be an exciting, yet accessible, type of contest that we may see more of if it goes well.

Mr. Uhrig is slated to get a rematch in September if he does not retain in August. In addition, we will be reverting back to the “classic” gold belt design after this event.

Internet Championship (currently held by Charles Wilfong)
Wilfong had a busy July, nabbing two titles in the span of a weekend. As a result of what some may call manipulation to get in the Internet title match, Edgar agreed that he would not have to defend the Board Game belt this month. That’s good news, as the chance of him defending the Internet Championship against nine other competitors in a weekend-long, winner-take-all, WWE SummerSlam Pick ‘Em Challenge is only 10%.

Donnie Yeager leads the list of candidates set to be Wilfong’s opponent, but the list has not been finalized yet. The event will cover both NXT TakeOver and SummerSlam, and will feature live scoring updates. Wilfong gets a rematch in September if he does not win outright, but he will walk out of August with the Board Game Championship, at the very least.

Modeled here by Joe Klier, August will see the return of the BIG GOLD BELT.
Modeled here by Joe Klier, August will see the return of the BIG GOLD BELT.

Ohio Valley Championship (currently held by Michael Clyde)
Even though Michael Clyde formally offered to vacate the Ohio Valley Championship amidst scheduling conflicts, it was not accepted by the Commissioner, though his ability or willingness to defend it remain in doubt. The Commissioner has chosen a solid date of Saturday, August 25th, to host an in-person mini-tournament in beer pong to determine the rightful holder of the belt. The uniqueness of having an in-person tournament means that the field could potentially be very small (Edgar himself stating a hard cap of 10 people max). It will be invite-only and contenders will be required to RSVP so that the bracket can be drawn up.

Obviously, as the current champion, Clyde is guaranteed an invite, but the tournament will take place with whatever players Edgar can rally up if he can’t make it. If he can’t make it or doesn’t retain, he will get a rematch offered in September. Potential participants will be polled this week to see who can make the date.

We will be upgrading the Ohio Valley belt to a bigger model, as the existing one will be used for…

Video Game Championship (currently vacant, debuting next month)
Perhaps a championship centered around video gaming should have debuted a while ago, but there were never any plans to actually do so until recently despite the rumors. The great news is, this will be an epic 20-person tournament to declare the inaugural championship, and it will be live-streamed in some fasion in its entirety. The bad news is, its unlikely that the inaugural winner has to actually play any video games to get there. The tournament is likely to involve some kind of detailed character or team creation on the player’s end, with some simulated results that will play out live over the video feed. Obviously, sports games are being heavily considered, as are pseudo-sports like WWE or Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Obviously, whomever wins should be proficient in some type of video gaming — as this tournament will be the exception and not the norm. Champions will be required, for the most parts, to defend their title in some type of video game challenge, in person where applicable.

Keep posted this week as we begin announcing participants for all of these events!

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