Atwood clinches Fantasy Sports Championship

With a championship finally under her belt, what does the future hold for the hyper-competitive Jessica Atwood?

In what was the closest Bowl Pick ’em Tournament in DubPoints history, Jessica Atwood staved off Joe Klier and 15 others on Monday, clinching her first Fantasy Sports Championship (her first overall title with the brand).

Atwood, who had the lead going into Monday, mathematically clinched her victory when all three championship-eligible players chose the same team, making the results of the contest irrelevant. They all ended up picking Alabama, who lost, leaving as many as 40 points on the board in the last contest.

To show the relative closeness of this year’s contest, Atwood’s total of 523 points is the lowest in DubPoints history for the college football tournament (Vince Levi’s 2016 total of 638 is the second-lowest), and her 60% prediction rate of 24 wins is also 4 games lower than the most for a winner.

Joe Klier correctly guessed 27 of 40 picks, the most in the tournament, but finished 2nd overall due to how his points were wagered, missing out by just 2 points. Former winner Vince Levi was also in the mix at the end (24-16; 487 points), as well as a surprise performance by upstart Dewayne Meeker (23-17; 494 points) who led the event at several points.

Atwood has been viewed by many as a potential rising star within the brand — her first DubPoints championship is not surprising, though it was probably somewhat surprising that it happened here. Her stock will undoubtedly greatly increase when it comes to positioning in future tournaments, including this month’s DubPoints XIV for the World Championship. She will also qualify for entry into all four major fantasy sports leagues (baseball, basketball, football, and hockey) for the next year if she so chooses. Klier is likely to see a slight bumb up as well due to his performance.

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