DubPoints XIV: Bracket, rules, and everything else you need to know

As of press time, we are a little over 24 hours away from the 12-day long DubPoints XIV Tournament for the World Championship. The first full-on 64-person tournament since 2016 is bound to be an exciting one with a lot of questions. Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar will be “officially” revealing the bracket on his 8PM Livestream scheduled for 8PM EST on Sunday, but we already have the bracket up for those of you interested:


The DubPoints Tournament has always been exciting and full of content at its best, and controversial-but-still-entertaining at its worst. It’s hard to know what to expect from this particular event, the first time a winter tournament has been scheduled since 2010 (one that saw Chad Becca win the first-ever bracket format edition in DubPoints VII).

As has been the case in recent years, the scoring system will be built upon the same core principles as before, but with some minor tweaks to keep it fresh. Let’s take a look at the rules for this year’s tournament.

The Field and Format

The field consists of 64 of Mr. Edgar’s friends and acquaintances, arranged in a proprietary order in a single-elimination bracket. Many participants who have recently won some type of championship automatically qualified, though Edgar also added 20 or so “at-large” wildcard bids of players that have yet to ascend to the top of any division. Rankings and seedings were made with a combination of factors, including past tournament performance, championship performance, access to social media, and some element of random chance.

In theory, lower-numbered seeds should have “easier” matchups, but the reality has shown that any seed is capable of winning any matchups, and “upsets” should be expected in nearly every round.


The tournament will last 12 days beginning at midnight EST on January 14 and ending at 11:00PM EST on January 25th. Each round will be roughly two days long, and scores will be posted each day. The schedule for rounds is as follows:

  • First Round (64 participants) — Monday, January 14 and Tuesday, January 15
  • Second Round (32 participants) — Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday, January 17
  • Third Round (16 participants) — Friday, January 18 and Saturday, January 19
  • Quarterfinals (8 participants) — Sunday, January 20 and Monday, January 21
  • Semifinals (4 participants) — Tuesday, January 22 and Wednesday, January 23
  • Finals (2 participants) — Thursday, January 24 and Friday, January 25

Each scoring day will BEGIN at midnight EST and END at 11:00PM EST, though that there is time to calculate the scores for the day. Edgar may extend this one-hour window if he feels he needs more time.

Scoring and Categories

Players can earn a total of 50 points per day (100 per round) across five different categories, and may only earn up to 10 points per day (20 per round) in any one specific category:

  • Availability — spending time or legitimate attempts to spend time with the Commissioner, also includes any type of communication, in-person or otherwise, with the Commissioner
  • Creativity — the level of uniqueness of one’s actions, in an attempt to curry the Commissioner’s favor, relative to the rest of the field and/or a historical precedent
  • Effort — the estimated amount of time spent on actions in the other four categories in an attempt to curry favor with the Commissioner
  • Publicity — the estimated positive effect and reach of a player’s actions for the DubPoints brand as a whole or the tournament itself
  • Value — the estimated monetary cost of one’s actions in regards to activities attempting to earn points, this would include any and all outright bribes.

Scores reset to zero at the beginning of every round, but they do carry over in days during rounds. Thus, 50 is a perfect score for any one day, and 100 is a perfect score for any one round.

Mr. Edgar reserves the right to use his “random chance wheel” to break any ties or matches that he feels are too close to call at the end of the round.

Miscellaneous Rules and Notes

  • The Commissioner will make a reasonable attempt to honor as many social obligations that appear as a result of DubPoints XIV, and may award points based on credibility if he is unable to do so
  • The Commissioner will likely cease responding to digital forms of communication unless a response is required by the participant. This is so he does not inadvertently keep a conversation going to unfairly give a competitor an opportunity for more points.
  • Any two participants may leave the fate of their match up to random chance if they both agree to it at any point before the scores from the first day of their match are revealed. At that point, the wheel would be spun to determine the victor.
  • The Commissioner reserves the right to immediately disqualify any competitor whom he feels is doing actions detrimental to the contest — please use good judgment as this is to be an enjoyable experience for all involved.
  • Feedback on this tournament is welcome, and will help determine the direction that the World Championship division takes in the future.
The belt that everyone will be playing for — if Rafe Haddox can SHIP IT PLZ

Prizes and Awards

Subject to shipping delays, the winner of DubPoints XIV will be declared the DubPoints World Champion and will receive the world title belt that they get to keep until whenever the next event starts. I say “subject to shipping delays” because currently the belt is in limbo between Virginia and Detroit, so it may be a few weeks before it appears wherever you are.

Other than that, this tournament is really all about bragging rights. You are competing to be the face of the franchise. There is no monetary award planned or anything of that nature. You are simply competing to be champion and essentially the face of the franchise for the next few months.

In addition, those who don’t win but perform well enough (participants who make it to the final 16 or further) typically automatically qualify for the next tournament, and are given priority invites to other DubPoints-related events, so a good performance in the tournament opens up a lot of opportunities. Past winners are basically treated like DubPoints royalty and are slotted as top competitors in any contest they enter.

In Closing

Many of the above information will be reiterated during tonight’s livestream, where all 32 first-round matchups will also be broke down as well. Feel free to contact The Commissioner with any questions you might have in the meantime. The livestream will be on Facebook at 8PM EST, and the first scoring window officially begins at midnight EST.

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