Stock Wars set to begin on March 1

Stock Wars, the new monthly contest set to replace and take over the lineage of the Gang Wars championship, will officially begin on Friday, March 1.

The contest will feature eligible DubPoints competitors having virtual stock portfolios of seven different publicly-traded stocks. They will be tracked over the course of each month, and the winner will receive a plaque as well as a contendership for one of the main championships.

While it was originally due to kick off this month, Stock Wars was pushed back after an exciting World Championship Tournament and some website adjustments that were being made to handle the new contest.

How it works

Ryan Hunker is the only 3-time Gang Wars champion in history, and will hope to continue under the lineage of the new Stock Wars title.

Contestants will fill out a short form in which they will select any SEVEN (7) publicly-traded stocks of their choosing. The selections must be stocks, and can not be mutual funds, bonds, currencies, etc. They also must be traded on an American-based stock exchange.

Once these seven stocks are selected, they are LOCKED IN for the remainder of 2019. The only way that any competitor may switch out a stock is if their stock gets de-listed from an exchange. Players will have through the end of February to make their selections.

Each month, every competitor’s “virtual portfolio” will begin at $700, with the equivalent of $100 each for all of their seven picks. The value of their portfolio will go up and down over the course of the month based on the real-life value of their stocks. The final four trading days of the month are the “playoffs”, in which the portfolio is reset back to $700, and it becomes a single-elimination 16-person tournament where the portfolio values reset every day.

As such, there are going to be many things to think about when choosing one’s stocks. They must be something they believe will perform well throughout the entirety of 2019.

What is at stake?

While one aim of Stock Wars is to have a monthly, low-effort tournament, it serves another important purpose — it will establish contenders for all of the major singles titles. A victory in Stock Wars, while a championship in itself, would guarantee one the opportunity to have a title shot at the World Championship in the following month, with some exceptions.

There is an inherit randomness with this contest, but unlike Gang Wars, which was almost completely random at its core, players will have a little more agency when they sign up.

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