World Champion Hersey is set to take over

Fan favorite Eric Hersey is back on top of DubPoints, but made it clear today that it’s only on his terms.

With the sudden dropping of a video on the private group page today, Eric Hersey has ignited the World Championship division for the first since his DubPoints XIV victory in January.

Hersey’s first public comments since his victory immediately stirred controversy amongst his peers. The focus of the video revolved around certain “championship rights” he his demanding as part of his first top-tier title reign since 2013. These included a say in his opponent, a limited schedule, and the banishment of The Wheel for his matches, amongst other things.

The 5-minute promo, which also builds hype towards his one-on-one showdown with #1 contender Mike Kendjorsky later this month, created even more uncertainty in a division in which Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar has been anything but consistent in dealing with. DubPoints XIV crowned a new champion in Hersey a few months after a 5th title reign by the legendary Brad Uhrig, marred by controversy as he never got the physical belt that had remained in the possession of former champion Rafe Haddox. Edgar had also announced a free-for-all “Clockblockers” tournament for April, but that appears to be on hold as well. These decisions and many others have given the commish a reputation for being skiddish and flaky when it comes to determining matchups.


Has Edgar got himself in over his head again by naming Eric Hersey the World Champion a third time over?

The introduction of Stock Wars was supposed to change all that. Though Edgar clearly fired from the hip in naming Kim Roberts and Mike Kendjorsky as top contenders to the Board Game and World titles respectively (Roberts would win her matchup already this month), there were undertones that future title shots would have a heavy basis on the monthly results of Edgar’s new contest du jour, a random miasma of people slightly masquerading as a financial contest with actual skill involved.

As such, just when Edgar seems to be on the precipice of announcing a standardized, unified method for determining challengers and how the title pictures will work, Hersey is attempting to throw a wrench in his plans like so many others before him. It just may work. Edgar has historically acquiesced to Hersey’s demands in the past, specifically when he was one of the brand’s biggest stars during the middle part of the decade. But Hersey, who long disavowed the championship defense format, seems to now be embracing it, if only as a concession to fulfill his demands as part of his title reign.

Currently, any agreement made between Hersey and Kendjorsky on a title match has not been publicly determined, but the expectation is that Edgar will likely be posting a video this weekend outlining his new strategy for determining top contenders before the inmates begin to fully take over the asylum. If there was any month for anarchy to happen though, it’s this one: Edgar is frantically trying to develop a new contest in its infancy while hammering out the logistical concerns of the busiest time of the year in the Fantasy Sports division.

One thing is for certain — there is constant uncertainty on a month-to-month basis on if or how matches will play out, and until Edgar can get his top stars and champions on board, he will be negotiating with the equivalent of belt-wielding terrorists. Hersey has already dropped the bomb, but will Edgar drop the ball?

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