Triple Threat World title match kicks off at midnight

A definitive World Champion will finally be crowned weeks before a potential DubPoints XV tournament.

A new format emerges.

World Champion Eric Hersey will defend his title against top contenders Mike Kendjorsky and Joe Patterson over the course of April 23-25 in what is being described as a “Five Stages of Dub” matchup, the first of its kind.

The matchup will, instead of the traditional five-category DubPoints scoring, consist of five mini-games in which competitors will earn points. An outright victory in a game earns 2 points, while a runner-up nets 1 point and finishing last earns 0 points.

The contestant with the most points after all five games will win.

Here is what we are looking at for these contests, many of which take into account a little bit of each of the championship divisions:

April 23
Game #1: DubPoints trivia. All three contestants will be given 13 multiple choice questions about Commissioner John Wyatt Edgar, and must try their best to answer them. These questions will be structured in a way that no competitor should have insider knowledge to their true answer.

Game #2: Vote of peers. All day on April 23, from midnight to midnight, fellow DubPoints contestants will be able to vote on their favorite competitor on the “DubPoints Players” board. ONLY active competitors will be counted. Hersey, Kendjorsky, and Patterson’s votes will automatically count for themselves, even if they try to be cute and vote for someone else or not vote at all.

April 24
Game #3: Simulation Challenge. The stage? WWE 2k19. Players will be drafting competitors from the WWE active roster to engage in a match that will be livestreamed on Facebook Wednesday evening. We are still getting all the details finalized for this.

Game #4: Sports Pick ’em. Every MLB, NBA, and NHL game that takes place on Thursday will be expertly predicted by our three competitors. Whomever gets the most wins, its that plain and simple.

Game #5: Stock Wars. Players can use their existing stocks or pick 7 new ones for a one-day, cumulative total (or loss) proposition. Only Wednesday’s stock activity will count.

April 25
One final standings are announced, each competitor will be able to privately make a bet of any or all of their points for one spin of the wheel. They can bet on any amount of numbers on the wheel but it will only be spun once for all competitors, and scores will be adjusted based on odds.

Keep updated to for the latest on this matchup.


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