DubPoints Fantasy Sports Championship


The Fantasy Sports Championship of DubPoints refers to not one award, but a family of annual contests which debuted in 2016, covering a wide range of popular seasonal fantasy and pick ’em leagues.

Originally intended to have one sole belt representing all six leagues (fantasy football, hockey, basketball, baseball; college bowl and college basketball pick ’em), the decision was made to commission a belt for each separate contest, with the winners all getting to hold their unique belt for an entire year until the next season or tournament began.

The championship was largely influenced by longtime DubPoints player Eric Hersey’s formation and success of the Real Fantasy Football League (RFFL), of which many DubPoints contestants have been a part of.

At a Glance
Current Champion: Jessica Atwood
Date Won: January 7, 2019
Total Champions 9
Most Reigns: 3
(John Edgar)
Most Runner-ups: 2
(John Edgar,
Nicholas Griffin,
Joe Patterson)
List of Championship Reigns
Player Reign League Date Won Runner-up
Jessica Atwood 1st College Football January 7, 2019 Joe Klier
John Edgar 3rd Fantasy Baseball September 30, 2018 RJ Frohnapfel
Ryan Church 1st College Basketball April 2, 2018 Jason Haught
John Edgar 2nd Fantasy Basketball April 1, 2018 Ryan Church
Andrew Biggert 1st Fantasy Hockey April 1, 2018 Joe Patterson
Mychal Egri 1st College Football January 8, 2018 John Edgar
Michael Clyde 2nd Fantasy Football December 31, 2017 Nicholas Griffin
John Edgar 1st Fantasy Baseball October 1, 2017 Vince Levi
Vince Levi 2nd Fantasy Basketball April 12, 2017 John Edgar
Mike Fedczak 1st Fantasy Hockey April 9, 2017 Bob Wilson
Caitlin Egri 1st College Basketball April 3, 2017 Donnie Yeager
Vince Levi 1st College Football January 9, 2017 Joe Patterson
Michael Clyde 1st Fantasy Football January 1, 2017 Nicholas Griffin