DubPoints Ohio Valley Championship


As part of 2016’s expansion, the Ohio Valley Championship was introduced into DubPoints as the spiritual successor to the “Key to the Valley” trophy of the OVBP, which ran through the late 2000’s and 2010’s.

While originally holding the lineage in name only, in 2018 it was decided that it would be defended exclusively in YTR-style classic OVBP bouts, continuing on the tradition that began ten years before.

At a Glance
Current Champion: Jared Bloom
Date Won: October 19, 2018
Total Champions 13
Most Reigns: 5 (Jared Bloom)
Longest Reign: 203 days (Allen Lewis)
Shortest Reign: 86 days (Joe Patterson)
List of Championship Reigns
Player Reign Days Started Ended
Michael Clyde 4th 188 April 14, 2018 October 19, 2018
Mike Kendjorsky 1st 163 November 2, 2017 April 14, 2018
Joe Patterson 2nd 86 August 8, 2017 November 2, 2017
Allen Lewis 1st 203 January 17, 2017 August 8, 2017
Joe Patterson 1st 105 October 4, 2016 January 17, 2017
Additional Reigns from OVBP Era
Player Reign Event Date Won Runner-up
Coltin Bloom 1st Upland Heights July 3, 2015 Jeff Fetty
Jeff Fetty 4th Upland Heights June 7, 2014 Joe Piergallini
Chelsea Skrzypek 1st Upland Heights June 15, 2013 Jeff Fetty
Jeff Fetty 3rd Upland Heights June 16, 2012 Nate Linn
Jeff Fetty 2nd King of the Island August 20, 2011 Michael Clyde
Jeff Fetty 1st The Masters July 23, 2011 Michael Clyde
Catie Halberstadt 1st Upland Heights June 18, 2011 Storm Conaway
Luke Bumbico 2nd Christmas Classic December 18, 2010 Mikey Triveri
Jared Bloom 4th King of the Island August 21, 2010 Luke Bumbico
Michael Clyde 3rd The Masters July 24, 2010 Ryan Hunker
Michael Clyde 2nd Upland Heights June 12, 2010 Mike Kendjorsky
Michael Clyde 1st Christmas Classic December 26, 2009 Dustin Butler
Jimmy Howes 1st King of the Island August 15, 2009 Jonathan Watson
Mikey Triveri 1st Upland Heights June 12, 2009 Michael Clyde
Luke Bumbico 1st The Masters March 13, 2009 Michael Clyde
Jared Bloom 3rd Christmas Classic December 20, 2008 Jonathan Watson
Storm Conaway 1st King of the Island August 23, 2008 Jared Bloom
Jared Bloom 2nd The Masters July 11, 2008 Michael Clyde
Jared Bloom 1st Upland Heights June 6, 2008 Storm Conaway