Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

League of Nothing

The Ohio Valley's Dumbest Contest


Gang Wars Seasons (2005-2007)

Event Year Champion Runner-up 3rd Place 4th Place
OVGW I 2005 Ryan Hunker Ryan Nagy Joshua Skulich Riley Wedge
OVGW II 2005 Brad Uhrig Ryan Hunker Cheryl Harrison Lance Delbrugge
OVGW III 2005 Jimmy Howes Lance Delbrugge Ernie Ward Ryan Hunker
OVGW IV 2005 Lance Delbrugge Ernie Ward Jimmy Howes Luke Bumbico
OVGW V 2006 Charles Bursee Ernie Ward Luke Bumbico Ryan Church
OVGW VI 2006 Ernie Ward Luke Bumbico Brad Uhrig Vince Levi
OVGW VII 2006 Luke Bumbico Lance Delbrugge Ryan Church Ernie Ward
OVGW VIII 2007 Ernie Ward Luke Bumbico Lance Delbrugge Nicholas Levi
OVGW IX 2007 Jeremy Nieman Brad Uhrig Ernie Ward Ryan Hunker
OVGW X 2007 Nicholas Levi Amber Lutz Luke Bumbico Ernie Ward
OVGW XI 2007 Brad Uhrig Jeremy Nieman Lance Delbrugge Charles Wilfong
OVGW XII 2007 Ryan Hunker Ernie Ward Charles Wilfong Lance Delbrugge

OVBP Tournaments (2008-present)

Event Year Champion Runner-up 3rd Place 4th Place
Upland Heights 2008 Jared Bloom Storm Conaway Cody Saltkield Jeffrey Edzkowski
The Masters 2008 Jared Bloom Michael Clyde Ryan Hunker Vince Levi
King of the Island 2008 Storm Conaway Jared Bloom Cayla Black Jeffrey Edzkowski
Christmas Classic 2008 Jared Bloom Jonathan Watson Mikey Triveri Evan Long
Upland Heights 2009 Mikey Triveri Michael Clyde Chelsea Skrzypek Tex Bloom
The Masters 2009 Luke Bumbico Michael Clyde Jared Bloom Lance Delbrugge
King of the Island 2009 Jimmy Howes Jonathan Watson Steve Skrzypek Dustin Bruno
Christmas Classic 2009 Michael Clyde Dustin Butler Mikey Triveri Brandon Hough
Upland Heights 2010 Michael Clyde Mike Kendjorsky Doug Bell Tex Bloom
The Masters 2010 Michael Clyde Ryan Hunker Justin Bungard Jared Bloom
King of the Island 2010 Jared Bloom Luke Bumbico Ryan Hunker Michael Clyde
Christmas Classic 2010 Luke Bumbico Mikey Triveri Nick Dompa Derek Bell
Upland Heights 2011 Catie Halberstadt Storm Conaway Derek Bell Jeff Fetty
The Masters 2011 Jeff Fetty Michael Clyde Jared Bloom Andrew Gracik
King of the Island 2011 Jeff Fetty Michael Clyde Luke Bumbico Corey Thornton
Upland Heights 2012 Jeff Fetty Nate Linn Cameron McKim Jeffrey Edzkowski
Upland Heights 2013 Chelsea Skrzypek Jeff Fetty Joe Piergallini Logan Ignace
Upland Heights 2014 Jeff Fetty Joe Piergallini Sean Flanagan Mikey Triveri
Upland Heights 2015 Coltin Bloom Jeff Fetty

DubPoints Tournaments (2009-present)

Event Date Champion Runner-up 3rd Place 4th Place
DubPoints I 2009 Lance Delbrugge Cheryl Harrison Brandy Sall Charles Wilfong
DubPoints II 2009 Lance Delbrugge Cheryl Harrison Doug Hazelman Charles Wilfong
DubPoints III 2009 Luke Bumbico Eric Hersey Kelsey Voithofer Molly Augustine
DubPoints IV 2009 Jim Stevens Cheryl Harrison David Holbrook Forrest August
DubPoints V 2009 Amber Lutz Kevin Uhrig Lance Delbrugge Cheryl Harrison
DubPoints VI 2009 Amber Lutz Lance Delbrugge Kelsey Voithofer Chad Becca
DubPoints VII 2010 Chad Becca David Holbrook Ryan Hunker Kelsey Voithofer
DubPoints VIII 2010 Ryan Hunker Cheryl Harrison Charles Wilfong Jim Stevens
DubPoints IX 2012 Spencer Conner Eric Hersey (*) Kari Reed Kristen Gray
DubPoints X 2013 Eric Hersey Luke Bumbico Jeff Edzkowski Spencer Conner
DubPoints XI 2014 Lance Delbrugge Luke Bumbico Dom Vinci Allen Lewis
DubPoints XII 2015 Jessica Mentzer Nicholas Griffin Charles Wilfong Joe Klier
DubPoints XIII 2017 Brad Uhrig Lance Delbrugge Rafe Haddox Kari Reed

Fantasy Sports Division (2016-current)

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League Year Champion Runner-up 3rd Place 4th Place
NFL 2016-17 Michael Clyde Nicholas Griffin Mike Kendjorsky Eric Hersey
NCAAF 2016-17 Vince Levi Joe Patterson Ryan Church Mike Kendjorsky
NCAAB 2016-17 Caitlin Egri Donnie Yeager Jason Haught “George Harrison”
NHL 2016-17 Mike Fedczak Bob Wilson Vince Levi James Jasinski
NBA 2016-17 Vince Levi John Wyatt Edgar Mike Kendjorsky Alejandro Aular
MLB 2017 John Wyatt Edgar Vince Levi Mychal Egri Ryan Church
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