Sat. Aug 24th, 2019

League of Nothing

The Ohio Valley's Dumbest Contest


DubPoints Champions
Joe PattersonJared BloomMichael ClydeCharles WilfongTyler DickeyGraydon Henry
World ChampionOhio Valley ChampionInternet ChampionPeople's ChampionVirtual ChampionStock Wars Champion
Fantasy Sports Champions
John EdgarJohn EdgarJustin BenlineJoe PattersonJessica AtwoodRyan HunkerEric HerseyMychal EgriMychal Egri
Fantasy BaseballFantasy Basketball
(League A)
Fantasy Basketball
(League B)
College BasketballCollege FootballFantasy Football
(League A)
Fantasy Football
(League B)
Fantasy Hockey
(League A)
Fantasy Hockey
(League B)

Hall of Champions
Brad Uhrig85010002
Michael Clyde70410020
Lance Delbrugge63011001
Joe Patterson62200011
Jared Bloom50500000
Luke Bumbico52200001
Eric Hersey53010010
Ryan Hunker51000013
Charles Wilfong51022000
John Edgar40000040
Jeff Fetty40400000
Jimmy Howes31100001
Mike Kendjorsky30120000
Joe Klier31000002
Donnie Yeager30030000
Ryan Church20010010
Mychal Egri20000020
James Jasinski20000011
Nicholas Levi20010001
Vince Levi20000020
Amber Lutz22000000
Ernie Ward20000002
Jessica Atwood10000010
Chad Becca11000000
Justin Benline10000010
Andrew Biggert10000010
Coltin Bloom10100000
Charles Bursee10000001
Storm Conaway10100000
Spencer Conner11000000
Melanie Delbrugge10010000
Tyler Dickey10000100
David Dodrill10010000
Laura Dominquez10000001
Caitlin Egri10000010
Mike Fedczak10000010
Ashleigh Griffin11000000
Nicholas Griffin10010000
Rafe Haddox11000000
Catie Halberstadt10100000
Graydon Henry10000001
Matthew Kelley10000100
Brittany Kendjorsky10000001
Desi Lekanudos10000001
Allen Lewis10100000
Jessica Mentzer11000000
Justine Mentzer11000000
Brian Nicholson10000001
Jeremy Nieman10000001
Kimberly Roberts10001000
Chelsea Skrzypek10100000
Jim Stevens11000000
Mikey Triveri10100000
Riley Wedge10010000

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