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Support Cast for DubTV arranged in a Brady Bunch Opening Fashion

DubPoints Supporting Cast

By Eric Hersey

Over the years we have seen hundreds of DubPoint competitors. We have seen random contestants join and make huge names for themselves. We have also seen known names join and fizzle out. Between these groups we find the DubPoints middle class. These players stick around, do just enough to be included, but not enough to ever win.

John Wyatt Edgar usually includes a few new names each contest. Most are new co-workers. But each go around, there is a small percentage that Edgar has almost no relationship with.

Supporting Cast

Many DubPoint competitors gain friends and followers throughout the tournament. These supports sometimes show up in social network threads, commenting with support. Others lend support with their creative efforts by video or graphics. Some make such an impact that they are thrown in the game. Most have their few minutes of fame and are never seen again.

Let’s take a look at some of the more notable DubPoint Supporting Cast.

Friday Bastulo

Friday Bastulo

Friday debuted in DubPoints IX along side Bobby Casserole. Anchor of DubTV, Friday’s quick wit, snark, and general demeanor kept the audience entertained and wanting more. He made appearances throughout the next few tournaments but has been unseen in years. His last appearance was on Casserole’s DubPoints Live in 2016.

Where is Friday Now?

Although we don’t have contact with Friday, we have resources telling us he has changed his name to Issac Whitebody and is in hiding from the Irish mob.

Penny Dimes

Penny Dimes with Forecast
Penny made a one time appearance and provided a very detailed forecast of DubPoints in 2013. “Dimes on the Ten” was a fun, yet often unseen program that helped advance her ‘friend’ to the next round.

Where is Penny now?

Some say that Penny stopped giving the news but remained doing her part for the news. She may have been upgraded to a quarter by now.

Linus and Lomus

Linus and Lomus Casserole Dogs

When Bobby and Billy Casserole (more on him later) battled it out in 2016, their pets got involved in the action. Linus and Lomus were never entered into DubPoints, even though many feel pets should not be segregated from the contest.

Where are they now?

Linus is sleeping on your couch right now (occasionally barking at the UPS driver). Unfortunately we lost Lomus several months after the recording. RIP Lomus.

Saturday Dollar-Short

Saturday Dollar-Short Sonic The Hedgehog Fan

We had Friday and soon we got Saturday. Originally just Saturday Dollar, he found himself joining the Short family and added the hyphen to his name. Saturday was known for his great knowledge on Sonic the Hedgehog. He had a few brief cameos over the years.

Where is Saturday now?

Saturday has left Sonic behind and moved on to Fortnite. Sometimes you can still hear him humming the Marble Zone Theme.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith
Mike Smith is known for his love of Penguins. He was brought on as a guest by Bobby Casserole to give everyone their fix of penguin news. Mike was the Steve Irwin of DubPoints. He fascinated his audience with his little known facts about his tuxedo dressed friends.

Where is Mike Smith now?

Mike decided to move in the polar opposite direction and now lives in Florida and studies manatees.

Billy Casserole

Billy Mother F'n Casserole
Billy’s story never came to a full close and that is partially due to his wildcard nature. Billy showed up, unwanted, on Casserole’s DubPoints Live broadcast. Claiming to be the brother of Bobby, Billy had a mustache which caused many to miss the resemblance. The truth came out that they were indeed brothers, even if Bobby still denies.

Where is Billy now?

That’s a great question. Many say that he cut his hair, shaved his mustache, and lives in the county – making websites. Others say that he disappeared in a stamp like Tommy Tricker.

Vote for Hersey – Hard Worker

No one worked harder than the Hard Worker from DubPoints IX. This working man fixed cars and hammered nails to get our attention for a great cause. Many say that without hard working Hard Worker, the Vote Hersey campaign would have never worked.

Where is Hard Worker now?

Working Hard.

Justin Benline

Justin Benline

Benline might be the most famous from this group. Justin was even in the latest tournament (DubPoints XIV) but probably is best known for his non-competition involvement. Ever since his controversial victory over Eric Hersey in the first round of DubPoints XI. When Edgar wouldn’t allow the match to end on a Madden outcome, Justin boycotted life. He did have his own talk show in 2014, but was never seen on camera.

Where is Justin Benline now?

Justin has not been seen for decades. He is now being talked about like the legends of Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster. There are web cameras established all over Moundsville in hopes that they catch a glimpse of the man.


DubPoints contestants come and go. We have touched on several of the supporting cast over the years but did not discuss ALL. Many of the characters that show up in videos, graphics, threads, live streams, etc… have become names in their own rights. Most of them deserve their own articles on DubPoints.com.

When you think of DubPoints, many picture John Wyatt Edgar in their head. This is something that should change over the years. When the end credits run, I want you to picture the faces of Bobby, Friday, Saturday, Mike, Lomus, etc…

Picture them all standing together. Let your ‘mind-camera’ zoom out and see the faces of Lance Delbrugge and David Dodrill. Keep zooming and see a beautiful rainbow, unicorns, and butterflies.

Zoom completely out and see ALL of the DubPoints contestants over the years…..

…and a Wheel.

DubPoints Supporting Cast - but really muppets.

I would like to thank John Wyatt Edgar for giving me his blog to play with over the last several days. It has been a good time and more importantly, it has allowed me to gain some points.