Judgment Moon

Judgment Moon is the tenth solo album by musician John Wyatt Edgar, released in 2021. The title refers to two major arcana of a typical tarot pack. This is the first JWE album to be recorded entirely in his new Martins Ferry studio.

As with previous albums, several songs were released as “singles” to YouTube and other social media in the months leading up to its release. The album was marked by a prolonged writing and recording processes, and as such, became the first full JWE release in 12 years. Friends and other critics have referred to Judgment Moon as one of the greatest albums of all-time.

1.“Good Morning, Sunshine”4:06YouTubeBandcamp
2.“Start Side: B”4:46YouTubeBandcamp
4.“Loose Ends”3:47YouTubeBandcamp
5.“The Red Address”4:46YouTubeBandcamp
6.“Patient Zero4:38YouTubeBandcamp
7.“Aim Low”2:42YouTubeBandcamp
8.“Broken Magnets”5:42YouTubeBandcamp
9.“Girl’s Gone Mild”3:03YouTubeBandcamp
10.“Where Are They Now?”2:46YouTubeBandcamp
12.“Pass It On”2:21YouTubeBandcamp
13.“Thought You Died”2:49YouTubeBandcamp